Alexander Gomelskiy Coach of the Year: Zeljko Obradovic, Panathinaikos

One of the most successful coaches ever to sit on a basketball bench, Zeljko Obradovic of Panathinaikos, has been voted the winner of the Alexander Gomelskiy Coach of the Year...
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Jun 20, 2007

Euroleague Basketball's Club Executive of the Year: Juan Manuel Rodríguez, Unicaja

Career-long devotion to making a club and a city part of the continental elite will be rewarded when Unicaja sports director Juan Manuel Rodríguez is honored as Euroleague...
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Jun 18, 2007

F4 MVP: Dimitris Diamantidis, Panathinaikos

The MVP was a birthday boy, too. After a Euroleague Basketball title game that set records for offense, the MVP went to a defensive genius who was also celebrating his 27th...
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May 07, 2007

All-Euroleague team, MVP announced

The top Euroleague Basketball players of the 2006-07 season were honored at a gala dinner attended by a world basketball elite of almost 1,500 people at Megaron Concert Hall...
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May 05, 2007

Best Defender Trophy winner: Dimitris Diamantidis, Panathinaikos

Last summer, while winning a silver medal at the World Championships, he picked up another nickname: 3-D. They stand for Dimitris Diamantidis and defense, the specialty that...
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Apr 25, 2007

Joventut's Fernandez wins Rising Star Trophy

Rudy Fernandez of DKV Joventut has been chosen this season's Rising Star Trophy winner in a vote of Euroleague head coaches. The three-year old Rising Star Trophy recognizes...
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Apr 23, 2007

Tau's Rakocevic wins race for Alphonso Ford Trophy

The Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy, awarded annually to the Euroleague player with the most points averaged over a minimum number of games, has been won by Igor Rakocevic of...
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Apr 17, 2007

Panathinaikos's Siskauskas awarded April MVP

This season, one team in particular would have been devastated not to survive the playoffs, because then it would have been forced to watch a Final Four on its own court. That...
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Apr 16, 2007

Top 16, Week 6 MVP: Antonis Fotsis, Dynamo Moscow

Wednesday's huge performance by Antonis Fotsis of Dynamo Moscow not only resulted in an overtime victory, a spot in the Quarterfinal Playoffs and a rebounding record, but the...
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Mar 23, 2007