JSF Nanterre
4 NZEULIE, JEREMY France Guard 1.88 1991
5 JUDITH, MARC France Forward 1.93 1987
8 JAITEH, MAM France Center 2.08 1994
9 COROSINE, XAVIER France Guard 1.83 1985
10 LIGHTY, DAVID United States of America Guard 1.95 1988
12 LISCH, KEVIN United States of America Guard 1.88 1986
14 MEACHAM, TRENTON United States of America Guard 1.90 1985
17 GLADYR, SERGII Ukraine Forward 1.97 1988
19 CARDOSO, MIGUEL Portugal Guard 1.88 1993
20 FOSTER, JEKEL United States of America Guard 1.91 1983
23 THOMAS, DESHAUN United States of America Forward 2.01 1991
24 TRAORE, ALI France Center 2.08 1985
40 DANIELS, WILL United States of America Forward 2.03 1986
42 PASSAVE, JOHAN France Forward 2.00 1985
 Head Coach    
Club info
JSF Nanterre makes its Turkish Airlines Euroleague debut after a true fairytale run that ended with the club, in only its second season in the top flight of professional basketball, being crowned as the French champion. Without a doubt, 2012-13 was the most successful season in club history; in addition to winning the league title, Nanterre also reached the Coupe de France final, where it lost to Paris-Levallois. In the league, Nanterre was in control of its playoff destiny, but finished the regular season with three straight defeats and dropped to the eighth spot. However, it stormed through the playoffs, winning seven of eight games to take the French title. Nanterre first swept top-ranked Gravelines Dunkerque in the quarterfinals, and in the semifinals did the same to Elan Chalon sur Saone. In the best-of-five finals, Nanterre downed SIG Strasbourg 3-1 to cap one of the most amazing runs in basketball history and to earn a spot in the Euroleague. It is only fitting that a club whose history stretched back nearly nine decades should open a new frontier and play continental basketball. Jeunesse Sportive des Fontenelles de Nanterre was founded in 1927, but it competed for decades in the lower divisions and regional competitions in France. In 1987, a new beginning came for the club from the outskirts of Paris when volunteers, led by the new president Jean Donnadieu and Coach Pascal Donnadieu took over. From that day, Nanterre has never again relegated and needed only 15 years to move up 10 levels of French basketball. In 2004, Nanterre gained promotion into the second tier for the first time, and remained at the Pro B level until 2011. The club made several runs at promotion to the top flight, but was twice stopped in the playoffs quarterfinals and once in the semifinals. However, Nanterre had success in the Coupe de France during that span, losing in the 2007 finals to Pau-Orthez, and in 2008 semis to Asvel. In 2010-11, Nanterre finally reached Pro A, after claiming the Pro B crown by downing Dijon 73-60 in the title game. The first-ever season in the top French League saw the club preserve its status, finishing in 11th place in the standings with 14-16 record. Interestingly, only one more victory and 15-15 record a year later was enough for Nanterre to squeeze into playoffs. The rest is history. Now, with Jean and Pascal Donnadieu still at the helm, Nanterre looks to build on its unprecedented success and to establish itself on the continental map.
President Jean Donnadieu
Address 14 avenue du Maréchal Joffre, 92000 Nanterre, France
81 Boulevard Massena, 75013 Paris
Tel. +33 147 24 31 85