Chorale Roanne
4 BYARS, DERRICK United States of America Forward 2.01 1984
5 POUPET, PIERRIC France Guard 1.89 1984
6 HALE, RONALD United States of America Forward 2.03 1977
8 WILSON, RAPHAEL France Forward 1.96 1989
11 SOLIMAN, WILLIAMS France Forward 2.03 1980
13 KONE, MOHAMED Cote d'Ivoire Center 2.11 1981
21 BADIANE, PAPE France Center 2.11 1980
22 SALYERS, MARC United States of America Forward 2.06 1979
23 CAZALON, LAURENT France Guard 1.93 1979
34 HESS, ADAM United States of America Forward 2.01 1981
45 PELLIN, MARC-ANTOINE France Guard 1.70 1987
55 RUSH, BRION United States of America Guard 1.86 1984
 Head Coach    
Club info
The club's basketball section started in 1937 and Roanne won its first French League title in 1959. With the development of a soon-to-be homegrown European superstar, Alain Gilles, the team's next major highlight was reaching the 1960 Euroleague quarterfinals. Things did not go that well after that and Roanne dropped into the French second division in 1967. It returned to finish sixth in the first league by 1974 and played the Korac Cup the following year. Roanne floated between the first and second French divisions throughout the 1980s and after the last relegation it needed an entire decade before returning again to the French League in 2003. Once it established in the top division, Roanne made some progresses, finishing ninth in the 2005-06 regular season. The arrival of Marc Salyers and Dee Spencer proved to be a complete success as Roanne had its best season ever in 2006-07. Roanne won the Semaine Des As trophy and claimed its first French League title since 1959 – almost half a century difference – by downing Nancy in the final. That led to Roanne’s first appearance in the Euroleague since 1960, and though it could not advance to the Top 16, it was not for lack of trying. Roanne entertained everyone with its run-and-gun basketball and Salyers won the Alphonso Ford Top Scoring trophy in the process. A return to the French League final went Nancy's way this time, but it clear that Roanne had made its mark as a force in French basketball. Roanne made its Eurocup debut in 2008-09, but did not get past the regular season, even though Chris Monroe was the top scorer in that phase. The club also went out in the French League quarterfinals. Last season, Roanne returned to the Semaine des As semifinals, finished third in the French League regular season and was one win away from returning to the final. Those results helped Roanne earn the right to fight for a Euroleague spot, as the club keeps taking giants steps to solidifying its reputation as a rising club all throughout the continent.
Trophy Case
Fench National League
1958/59, 2006-07
Semain d’As
President Emmanuel Brochot
Address Complexe Fontalon - BP 200 - 42313 Roanne Cedex
Tel. +33 04 77 23 93 00
Fax +33 04 77 70 03 81