Admission requirements

Enrolment in the Master's Program requires one of the following pre-requisites

a) First cycle degree
b) Pre-reform degree;
c) Specialist/Second cycle degree (laurea magistrale);
d) Good knowledge of English;
e) Equivalent foreign university degree with comparable concentration; subject to the approval of the Faculty Council.

Academic degrees earned abroad that are not recognized by existing regulations, must be of a comparable length, level and disciplinary field, as the Italian degree required for admission to the Master's program.

That is the principle that the Faculty Council will use to determine eligibility.

Simultaneous enrolment in the Master's program and other university courses of study is not allowed. If already enrolled in another university course of study and as permitted by current regulations, the interested party may elect to suspend his/her course of studies for the entire duration of the Master's program according to the procedures defined by the "first" university of enrolment.

For purposes of admission to Master's program, the selection will consist of an online interview. It will be performed with all candidates during the first two weeks of September, after which the academic and industry coordinators will jointly review each candidate’s application. Applicants will receive confirmation by 21st September, 2016. Students who are about to graduate are eligible for admission as long as the degree is awarded by 28st September, 2016. In this case enrolment to the Master's program will not be completed until after the prerequisite degree has been obtained.

The Faculty Council of the university Master's program may credit prior educational activities towards the completion of the Master's Program as long as they are documented and consistent with the characteristics of the Master's program according to the Guidelines approved by the Academic Senate on 17.03.2009, modified on 26.01.2010 and 28.09.2010.

Application for admission

The application for admission must be completed, under penalty of exclusion, by 19th September, 2016 by downloading and filling in the official application form at Applicants will then submit an original copy of the following documents to Ca' Foscari Challenge School, Palazzo Moro, Cannaregio 2978, 30121 Venezia, Italy, as well as sending electronic copies to [email protected]

a) registration on the University website (, which consists in the providing of personal data, such as residence and in case domicile. Upon completion of registration, a User Name and password are assigned, with which the applicant will be able to access the reserved area for the second phase of registration; If you already have login credentials to the reserved area (e.g. as former students of the University), go directly to point b;

b) fill out the application form, by accessing the reserved area and following the pathway: (Student Secretariat Services - ESSE3) > Admissions Test. During the online admissions procedure the candidate must attach electronic copies of the following documents:

• Self-declaration of degree valid for admission in accordance with Attachment "A" or, alternatively, the diploma supplement;
• updated Curriculum vitae;
• Photocopy of valid Identification Document / Pasport;
• Photocopy of your tax code;
• Motivational letter.

The candidate may add, delete or edit attached documents even after the completion of the online application, as long as within the deadline laid down by the notice. The files must be in JPEG or PDF format and must not exceed 5Mbyte.

At the end of the procedure the applicant will receive an email confirming submission of the application.

Selection procedure and formation of ranking

An online interview will be performed with all candidates during the first two weeks of September, after which the academic and industry coordinators will jointly review each candidate’s application. Applicants will receive confirmation by 21st September, 2016.

Enrolment fees and scholarships

The course will be activated with a minimum number of 20 enrolments.

Tuition fees are €6,000. This amount is to be paid by instalments with a first instalment of €3,000 to be paid no later than 28th September, 2016. The second instalment of €3,000 is to be paid by 25th February, 2017.

Applications for admission are not accepted without payment of the first instalment.

The fees include:

• Enrolment and participation in the EBI Master;
• Accreditation during the 2017 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four.

Participants are responsible for all additional proceedings and costs descending from their enrolment in the Master program, including but not limited to any visa requirements to travel to the four in person sessions.

Revenue stamps

For the Italian Law is compulsory to put a revenue stamp of € 16 on every application you present to a Public Institution and on every certificate the Public Institution provides. The students are therefore requested to pay for:

• 1 revenue stamp on the enrollment application
• 1 revenue stamp on the final exam application
• 1 revenue stamp on every extra certificate they in case will request.

Enrolment Procedure

Candidates in the Master's program, under penalty of exclusion, will have to complete their registration through the appropriate procedure online before 1st October, 2015, by accessing the reserved area with the same user name and password used for the compilation of the application for admission of admission, and following the pathway: (Student Secretariat Services - ESSE3) > Registration > Register to access scheduled courses. At this stage, the enrollees will be required to include the following electronic attachments:

• a passport photo (jpeg format);
• the receipt of payment of tax stamp of € 16, available exclusively online with a credit card/prepaid card, following the instructions on the University web page:;
• copy of a valid identification document;
• copy of the tax code;
• receipt of payment of the application fee, to be made by bank transfer to the following bank account:

Università Ca ' Foscari Gestione Master – IBAN code: IT 54 J 05034 02071 0000 0001 4400
SWIFT code for foreign transfers: BAPPIT21710
indicating as reason for payment: "pagamento tassa d'iscrizione / 1° rata - name and surname -
Master Sports Management and Marketing (EBI) A.A. 2013-14".

Payment can also be made online with a Visa or MasterCard credit card on the following website:

Completion of the application for admission will be carried out in designated offices. You will need to wait for an email confirmation of registration.

Academic degrees awarded abroad and rules for foreign citizens

Applications for admission to the Master’s Program may also be presented by Italian citizens and foreigners who hold foreign degrees of a comparable length and content to the Italian degrees identified as a prerequisite for the program. Enrolment remains fully subordinate to the Faculty Council’s assessment of the degree's fitness for the sole purpose of enrolment in the Master’s Program.

For purposes of presentation of the application for admission as per art. 6 above, citizens in possession of a degree obtained abroad must attach:

a) a certified Italian translation of the degree itself, with a list of the exams that were sustained. Alternatively: diploma supplement; self-certification in Italian or English, in accordance with the model attached (All. A);
b) “declaration of value in loco” (only for degrees awarded outside the European Community) issued by the Italian diplomatic and consular Missions for the country in which the institution that issued the degree is based.

Non-citizens of the EU who reside abroad will need to present the application for admission directly to the University along with the required documentation in accordance with the terms provided, with a copy of the degree and of the “declaration of value in loco” enclosed.

If it is not possible to furnish a "declaration of value in loco" prior to the deadline for presenting the application, the candidates shall be admitted to the selection process "subject to verification." If successfully admitted, their prescribed documentation will need to be furnished at the time of enrolment.

The University will announce its decision to the Missions of competence, after which the enrolment documentation required for the Master’s Program will be completed and a long-term national visa will be issued.

Citizens who have obtained a degree outside the European Union, once they have issued payment and completed the online registration application described in the previous section. 9, must complete their registration by personally visiting the International Welcome Desk ([email protected]; upon booking:, located on the ground floor of the Ca ' Foscari (Dorsoduro, 3246 - 30123 Venice), by the first date of the course to deliver the following documentation:

• notarized photocopy of diploma certifying the degree stipulated as a requirement for admission;
• translation and legalization in Italian or English language of the degree required as a requirement for admission;
• original “declaration of value in loco” issued by the Italian diplomatic and consular representation for the Country in which the institution that issued the degree is based, from which it should be apparent that the degree in possess is valid in the Country where it was issued to gain access to an academic course comparable to a first level Specialist Master's;
• an entry visa,

Candidates may be asked at any time to complete the documentation that was presented for purposes of verifying admissibility.

Withdrawal from studies

Students may submit a request to withdraw from their studies at any time. This request is irrevocable and must be presented to the Postgraduate Careers Sector (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia - Dorsoduro, 3246 - 30123 Venice) using the special form available on the University website to the page

Students who withdraw are still required to pay the entire enrolment fee.

The registration fee already paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


Teaching and clerical secretariat and internship service: Ca' Foscari Challenge School
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