The EBI Master lasts for one academic year. Students are obliged to attend all the various educational activities the tuition program consists of. The EBI Master is conceived as an online and offline e-learning program that employs a series of different tuition tools such as theoretical lessons, case studies, individual or group project works, simulations and action learning. Four in person academic sessions are also included. The EBI Master takes its participants on a unique journey through three different European cities: Barcelona, Venice and the host city of the 2017 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four.

The educational program is organised as follows:

FIRST SESSION: 10th-12th October 2016: BARCELONA, SPAIN - EUROLEAGUE BASKETBALL HEADQUARTERS: A first session consisting of three days of classes dealing with the following topics: general introduction to the EBI Master and educational tools to become familiar with the e-learning platform; team building; as well as presentations by Euroleague Basketball Department Directors. The e-learning will then proceed for 14 further weeks; once a week tutors will be available online to assist the students who will also have to pass tests specifically conceived to verify their on-going learning.

EBI Master Class 2013 roundtable with Jordi Bertomeu at Euroleague Basketball Headquarters

SECOND SESSION: 18th-20th January 2017: VENICE, ITALY - CA´FOSCARI UNIVERSITY: A second session focusing on the academic components behind sports management & marketing will take place over three days. The e-learning will then proceed for 17 further weeks.

THIRD SESSION: 18th-21th May 2017: TURKISH AIRLINES EUROLEAGUE FINAL FOUR: A sports immersion featuring four days behind the scenes of one of the largest sports events in the world, listening to presentations from a selection of guest lecturers from the professional sports sector. Students will spend the next 8 weeks finalising and submitting their Final Project.

FOURTH SESSION: 12th-14th July 2017: VENICE, ITALY - CA´FOSCARI UNIVERSITY: The EBI Master will come to an end with students defending their marketing, communication or buisness plan during a Viva, as well as celebrating their graduation ceremony, all over a total of three days.

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