Interview with Ettore Messina

Apr 18, 2012 Print
Interview with Ettore Messina

The Mastermind Coaching Seminars offer 5 coaches with more than 70 European and national championships combined and endless years of experience at the highest competitive level. What else do you think it offers?

Full time immersion for 4 days – you can communicate with coaches from other countries, exchanging opinions and ideas, 24 hours a day for 4 full days.

What special emphasis do you think differentiates your particular Mastermind Coaching Seminar from the others?

All coaches pay great attention to detail, to teaching, in breaking everything down. The difference is only the individual way in which to approach basketball that distinguishes one philosophy from the other.

Ettore Messina, Aito Garcia Reneses, Zelimir Obradovic, Xavi Pascual and Sergio Scariolo - rivals on the court yet collaborators in this initiative. What could the “elders” learn from the “youngster” and vice versa?

The youngster can learn respect, not that which comes from winning titles but from respecting each other’s work and their professional approach to basketball. The “elders” can learn from the enthusiasm of the youngster – after coaching for so many years youngsters can bring enthusiasm, it is an extra motivation when you find people who are eager to learn.

If you were a student for your own seminar, which individual lesson would you be most interested in reading?

The passing lesson, because passing is the number one fundamental in our sport.

Which specific aspect of coaching (if any) would you most like to be remembered by after you have retired from coaching?

This is difficult to say. I would leave the answer to my fellow coaches – it is too difficult to answer this question.

Since students are known for open minded communication and always questioning everything, could you please describe the difference between your relationship with students on this seminar and your players?

I would love for my players to be as eager to learn and focus on the details as the students, and I would also like the students to be like my younger players in being able to move on to the next play when something goes wrong - too much analysis can lead to paralysis.

What is it about the basketball that is currently being played in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague that you would most like to transmit to fellow coaches around the world?

Competitiveness. Every possession is extremely important. Every possession is being played by the actors in the game as if it were the last in the season. There is no possibility to rest, no possibility to hold back, everyone must give 100% every day, every moment, every game.