I. Sports Business
Aim: To disclose what makes sport business special and how it works on a system level
Euroleague Basketball Case Study:
1. The Distinctive Nature of Sports Business Ecosystems
2. Sports Business Systems
3. Strategy in Sports Business
4. Sports Business Models
II. Sports Marketing
Aim: All activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sports business stakeholders (customers, players, clubs, agents, supporters etc.) through exchange and engagement processes in order to create and propose the unique value
Euroleague Basketball Case Study:
1. Strategic Marketing Planning
2. Marketing Research
3. Relationship Marketing
4. Consumer Behaviour
III. Sports Communication
Aim: All activities design to co-create the meaning in order to underscore the relationship development between organisations, players, fans, and third parties
Euroleague Basketball Case Study:
1. Integrated Communication
2. Sports Advertising
3. Sports and Media
4. Sports and Social networking
IV. Sports Management
Aim: Building a wining culture in Sports Business Organisations
Euroleague Basketball Case Study:
1. Event Management
2. Effective HR Management
3. Decision Making
4. Process Management
V. Sports Economics and Finance
Aim: To provide students with knowledge and skills how managers read and use financial statements, engage in financial planning, values cash flows, understand risk, make long-term investment decisions, and how to make both long and short-term financing decisions
Euroleague Basketball Case Study:
Financial Fair Play
1. Sports Accounting and Reporting
2. Financial Management
3. The Industrial Organisation of Sports
4. The Labour Economics of Sports
VI. Sports Law and Governance
Aim: To provide students with an insight and understanding of the relationship between law and the sports business industry, in terms of sports governance and administration
Euroleague Basketball Case Study:
1. Legal Entities in Sport
2. Legal Framework for Sport Competitions and Their Stakeholders
3. Doping, Corruption and Fair Play in Sport
4. Contracts, Liabilities and Settlements in Sport