Davor Kus - CibonaHi again, everyone. Let me tell you, it was quite nice to bring back a trophy to our fans this weekend, the Kresimir Cosic Cup of Croatia! It was really like a double trophy for us, because we won it for the first time in seven years and we won it in Zadar. To win against them and their crazy crowd is worth double! Why did it take so long between cups? For sure, the other Croatian teams are good, and they also prepare for the chance to beat Cibona in one game, which is when they have more of a chance than in a series during the playoffs. So usually they are waiting to try to knock us off. That is why this and a lot of cup tournaments have a lot of surprises. This time, though, we had a great bus ride back to Zagreb and our gym, where our fans were waiting for us. It's always great to arrive home with a trophy to give them. Our coach, Velimir Perasovic, then gave us a day-and-a-half off to clear our heads of basketball a little bit and get rested for everything that's coming now.

The truth is that the first Croatian Cup title in seven years couldn't have come at a better time for us. Of course, this trophy will help us have more self-confidence in both the Top 16 and the important Adriatic League games we have coming up. Before the cup, we suffered a bad loss at home to Fenerbahce Ulker in the Top 16. We certainly didn't feel right that night. Scoring only 55 points at home is not normal. We realized that we didn't play at our top level... more
DATE: February 23, 2009
Davor Kus - CibonaI am back after hoping in my preseason blogs that we could help to lift Cibona up again. I am happy to say that right now, everything is good and we've become what we wanted to be in the beginning of the season, and this is a competitive team. We feel we are now on the level where we can compete with any team in Europe, so that is something we can be happy about. What's really interesting is that maybe two games we lost gave me the strongest sense that we have reached where we needed to be. We knew we would probably be good at home. We have a tough court and always have, but in previous years we didn't manage to win even one game on the road. This year, we won our first one away, at Le Mans, but honestly we didn't play very well. Not our top level, let's say. But we won, and proved something important, that we can win away even when we are not playing so good. That helped our confidence. Then we played on the road at two very tough courts, in Malaga and Tel Aviv. We were there to the end, close to winning both games, and that was a step forward. We were competitive, even on the road. We didn't win either, but especially in Tel Aviv, we had a chance to win. After that game in Tel Aviv, I think we realized that against good teams on tough courts, we can now compete on the same level. We knew we were now good enough as a team, solid enough and consistent enough, to play with anybody. I am happy about it, of course, and I just hope it... more
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DATE: December 15, 2008
Davor Kus - CibonaWell, we started the season a little down, losing our first two games in the Adriatic League, before winning the third one against Zagreb here at home. We had some problems with injuries and changing players late, and that makes us kind of a new team still. We brought on two new Americans, lost another player and our captain and starting center, Niksa Prkacin, is out with an injury. We are not the same team without him as with him, for sure, but for sure we plan to be ready to play against Maccabi as strong as we can. Already people are starting here to talk about the game, because a big European team with a big reputation is coming to Zagreb for the first time since last season. We know they are very good and we have to be prepared. During recent years, it's true that Cibona always played much better in Zagreb, and I hope that tradition will continue and we will be the same strong team as the last few years. We can't think that's going to happen without great effort, however, and this year we want to step forward and try to become more competitive as a visiting team, also. Still, there's no doubt we get a lot of confidence playing at the Drazen Petrovic Basketball Center, and I know that our fans have a lot to do with that. I know, because last year I came here as a guest with Unicaja, and it was very clear how tough it is to come here and win. Since we only want to think about the first game with Maccabi, the key now is to be strong and confident at... more
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DATE: October 16, 2008
Davor Kus - Cibona I am more than happy that has asked me to blog about the preseason, but first I have to say that my experience this summer at the Olympics has a lot to do with my high hopes for Cibona as we head into our first friendly games this weekend.

Getting back to the Olympics for sure was a big thing for basketball in Croatia. There has always been great interest in basketball here, but unfortunately not so much happiness with our national team. So getting to the Olympics was a big thing for us after so many years. We made good progress each summer, starting three years ago to qualify for the European championships, then qualifying to the pre-Olympic tournament, and there reaching the Olympic Games, where we played well for as long as we could. Most of all, it was a big accomplishment that now everyone in Croatia is talking about basketball again. Our togetherness was important, because we came up at a time when everyone was comparing us to the generation of Drazen Petrovic, which was hard. It's difficult if you are compared with Drazen Petrovic, Toni Kukoc and Dino Radja all the time, because people come to expect only the best results. We stopped comparing ourselves and started playing together, step-by-step and slowly came out from under the pressure. We learned a lot.

The other good thing about being together this summer on the Croatian team is that some of us decided to become club teammates... more
DATE: September 12, 2008

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