Learning with lots of excitement

Jan 09, 2013 by Ilkan Karaman - Istanbul, Turkey Print
Ilkan Karaman - Fenerbahce Ulker - EB12Hello to all the Euroleague fans! This is Fenerbahce Ulker player Ilkan Karaman. First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, filled with basketball! I want to start off my first blog by telling you a little about myself and the Euroleague, which I am playing in for the first time. After a summer with unbelievable experiences which words cannot explain, I transferred to the team of my dreams, Fenerbahce Ulker. This is a team that you must experience to understand. Every time I set foot on the court of Fenerbahce Ulker Sports Arena, I experience a different kind of excitement. Our fans are with us in every game and always support us.

I started feeling this excitement when the Euroleague began with the opening game against Khimki Moscow Region. From that day until the Top 16, every single game has been a learning experience with much excitement for me. Our team is getting better day by day. Our first Top 16 game against Barcelona was really bad, really below our expectations. We didn't have good concentration from the beginning to the end of the game and took a bad loss. But our team is filled with players who can surprise you at any time. Players like Bo McCalebb and Romain Sato are players who can give contributions in every situation of the game. They are experienced. Mike Batiste is a player who has proven himself in all of Europe with the amazing things he has done. He is someone I learn a lot from.

We came up short in our second game against Siena after a record performance by Bobby Brown, so now we want to make our fans happy by getting a win on the road against Maccabi. We are happy to have the the support of all of our fans. They should have no doubt that we are going to do our best for them. Hopefully in my next blog I will be telling you about our first victories in the Top 16.

Once again I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that this year Fenerbahce Ulker will be the champion in the Turkish League as well as the Euroleague.