Tribute to the champs, Regal FC Barcelona: Xavi Pascual!
June 14, 2010
Unknown to many just three years ago, Xavi Pascual this spring became the youngest coach to win the Euroleague title in almost 20 years and the first Spaniard to do so in 30. Indeed, over just two full seasons as Regal FC Barcelona head coach, Pascual has won one of each major trophy for which his team competes. Along the way, with a calm command on the sidelines and a deft hand at managing his roster, Pascual has turned Barcelona into a winning machine. In Paris, Pascual lived up to his potential on the biggest stage possible, the 2010 Final Four. His team excelled in a defensive semifinal against CSKA and dominated a run-and-gun title game against Olympiacos. As such, Pascual more than earned the honor of doing what every life-long fan dreams about, lifting the Euroleague trophy for his hometown club! Tribute to Regal FC Barcelona: Xavi Pascual
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