2018-19Regular SeasonRound 12
December 13, 2018 CET: 18:00
Local time: 20:00 MEGASPORT ARENA
Africa: FOX SPORTS 2
Russian Federation: MATCH!IGRA
Czech Republic: O2 TV SPORT
Israel: 5LIVE
Middle East: beIN MENA HD8


9-2 Regular Season 4-7
9-2 Overall 4-7


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The Take

In a rare week when both teams are coming off defeats, CSKA hosts Khimki in the Leningradka Derby in their first EuroLeague meeting since squaring off in last season's playoffs, in which all four games were decided by 6 points or fewer. Injury-plagued Khimki will be without both Alexey Shved and Anthony Gill, making the challenge that much more difficult for the visitors, who have not won at the home of their cross-town rivals in four previous EuroLeague tries. CSKA will be loaded for bear, too, after having dropped out of first place with its second road loss in three games, last week against KIROLBET Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Short-handed visitors

With a combined 37.1 points per game between them, Alexey Shved (25.3) and Anthony Gill (11.8) account for 47% of Khimki 78.7 points per game this season. Jordan Mickey (12.8) is the only other double-digit scorer, followed by Tony Crocker (9.0), but both are EuroLeague rookies and will plenty need help. Making up for Khimki's lack of offense will be that much more difficult in an arena from which so few teams come away happy.

De Colo is due

De Colo had his only scoreless EuroLeague performance ever earlier this season, but didn't play in that game after the first half. Last week against Baskonia, he played 21 minutes and scored 2 points, matching his second-lowest output ever. De Colo has now gone seven games without scoring 20 points, the only such streak of his in more than three years. All of which means we can expect De Colo to blow up with a big game sooner rather than later.

Marquee matchup

A pair of undersized centers, Kyle Hines of CSKA and Jordan Mickey of Khimki, might have a lot to say in this game. Hines, the 1.98-meter standard-bearer of little big men, had season highs 14 points, 7 rebounds and 25 minutes played in the loss to Baskonia. Mickey, 2.03 meters, is averaging 15 points, 8.6 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 17 PIR over his last five games. Mickey aspires to some of what Hines has accomplished in Europe. Their first meeting should be fascinating.

Keys to victory: CSKA

CSKA has all the cards in this one, starting with its enviable depth, which becomes even more pronounced against an injury-plagued opponent. But CSKA's biggest weapon this week might be the little bit of nasty it surely feels after losing two out of three, a rare occurrence for this team. An off night from the three-point arc (29.7%) hurt against Baskonia, but CSKA's great ball movement rarely fails to generate points. If De Colo and Sergio Rodriguez can get their rhythm back, their teammates will prosper, too, and returning home should cure CSKA's minor dip.

Keys to victory: Khimki

It must all come down to defense for Khimki, which allows opponents the fifth-lowest points in the competition (79.6), but with two important scorers missing, might have to do better than that. Expect Charles Jenkins and Malcolm Thomas to step up for the visitors, but don't forget home-grown veterans Egor Vialtsev and Sergey Monia, who always play with pride when called upon. In this derby so close to their hearts, expect even more from them. Their team will need a dose of inspiration, and who better than those who have fought in Khimki yellow for many years to provide it?

Injury report

CSKA: Will Clyburn is out indefinitely due to injury.

Khimki: Alexey Shved is still out with a hand injury and Anthony Gill will also be out in the game against CSKA.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
CSKA Moscow
# Player Pos. H. Age
1 DE COLO, NANDO G 1.96 31
3 BOLOMBOY, JOEL F 2.04 24
5 PETERS, ALEC F 2.06 23
7 UKHOV, IVAN G 1.93 23
11 ANTONOV, SEMEN F 2.02 29
21 CLYBURN, WILL F 2.01 28
22 HIGGINS, CORY G 1.96 29
23 HACKETT, DANIEL G 1.93 30
28 LOPATIN, ANDREI F 2.08 20
42 HINES, KYLE C 1.98 32
44 HUNTER, OTHELLO C 2.03 32
Khimki Moscow Region
# Player Pos. H. Age
1 SHVED, ALEXEY G 1.98 29
3 BOST, DEE G 1.88 29
5 CROCKER, TONY F 1.98 31
6 VIALTSEV, EGOR F 1.93 33
7 GREEN, GARLON G 2.01 27
12 MONIA, SERGEY F 2.02 35
13 GILL, ANTHONY F 2.04 26
15 GUBANOV, PETR F 2.07 31
20 ZUBKOV, ANDREY F 2.06 27
23 THOMAS, MALCOLM C 2.06 30
25 MICKEY, JORDAN C 2.03 24

Player Stats

Higgins, C. / 17.3 De Colo, N. / 13.8 Clyburn, W. / 13.2
Shved, A. / 25.3 Mickey, J. / 12.4 Gill, A. / 11.8
Clyburn, W. / 6.9
Mickey, J. / 4.7
Shved, A. / 7.4 Markovic, S. / 3.7 Bost, D. / 2.6
De Colo, N. / 1.3 Clyburn, W. / 1.1
Shved, A. / 1.8 Bost, D. / 1.1
Hines, K. / 0.8
Mickey, J. / 0.9 Gill, A. / 0.7 Thomas, M. / 0.5
Hunter, O. / 64.5 % Clyburn, W. / 61.1 % Higgins, C. / 56.3 %
Gill, A. / 75.5 % Thomas, M. / 71.9 % Mickey, J. / 54.8 %
Peters, A. / 57.8 % Higgins, C. / 52.5 % Rodriguez, S. / 41.5 %
Shved, A. / 40.2 % Crocker, T. / 38.9 % Jenkins, C. / 37.0 %
De Colo, N. / 93.8 % Higgins, C. / 84.1 % Clyburn, W. / 80.6 %
Shved, A. / 78.2 % Mickey, J. / 71.9 %
Clyburn, W. / 18.7 Higgins, C. / 17.6 De Colo, N. / 15.9
Shved, A. / 25.9 Mickey, J. / 13.0 Gill, A. / 12.6

Team Stats - Offense

Ave.   Ave.
88.9 Points 78.7
34.9 Rebounds 29.1
10.8 O. Rebounds 9.1
24.1 D. Rebounds 20.0
18.0 Assists 18.6
6.4 Steals 7.7
2.6 Blocks 2.8
53.0 % 2PT 57.1 %
41.0 % 3PT 36.2 %
81.9 % FT 73.5 %
99.6 PIR 80.9

Team Stats - Defense

Ave.   Ave.
82.7 Points 79.6
35.2 Rebounds 34.5
11.8 O. Rebounds 10.5
23.4 D. Rebounds 24.0
17.3 Assists 16.9
5.5 Steals 6.8
2.5 Blocks 2.2
51.4 % 2PT 55.0 %
35.7 % 3PT 36.4 %
76.3 % FT 79.2 %
88.6 PIR 94.6

Head Coaches

Khimki Moscow Region
"Nothing changes. This is EuroLeague and no one has any doubts about CSKA's potential, especially right now. Bolomboy is playing more and CSKA is a complete team at any spots. It’s really difficult to beat them away. Also, we need take into consideration that Gill and Shved are out, so we need to make an extra effort defensively and offensively from everybody to compete. We have a newcomer in Garlon Green, who day by day, practice by practice understands what we want from him. Generally, he is very positive and able to listen to any information that we give him. So, I’m positive about him; he has a potential to help us."


Khimki Moscow Region
"They are a good veteran team; a tough team, always in the top rankings both in the EuroLeague and VTB League. I think we definitely will have to execute our offense and defense, bringing a lot of energy if we want to be in the game. We have to try to overdo it as we lost two main players. We can do too much because of missing them. We just have to stick to the game plan the coach gives us and execute. I think, so we’ll be fine."

CSKA Moscow vs. Khimki Moscow Region

· CSKA has won six of the last seven Moscow derbies in the EuroLeague, including ousting Khimki 3-1 in the EuroLeague Playoffs last season in which all four games were decided by 6 points or fewer.

· CSKA tied a club record with 37 free throws on 43 attempts in a 98-95 win over Khimki in Game 1 of the EuroLeague Playoffs last season. It also tied for the most free throws made by any team in a single EuroLeague game in the past decade.

· CSKA big man Kyle Hines and Khimki head coach Georgios Bartzokas won the 2013 EuroLeague title together at Olympiacos Piraeus.

· Khimki players Alexey Shved, Sergey Monia and Egor Vialtsev all played for CSKA. Shved played parts of seven seasons for CSKA between 2005 and 2012 and won the 2008 EuroLeague with the club. Monia spent three seasons with CSKA and Vialtsev two.

· Dimitris Itoudis coached Khimki guard Stefan Markovic two seasons ago in Turkey at Banvit Bandirma.

· Markovic was a teammate of CSKA guard Nando De Colo during the 2011-12 season at Valencia Basket. The backcourt duo helped Valencia reach the EuroCup championship game that season.

· Khimki forward Petr Gubanov and his CSKA counterpart Semen Antonov were teammates at Nizhny Novgorod during the 2013-14 season.

· Khimki players Alexey Shved and Andrey Zubkov were teammates on the Russian national team with CSKA's Semen Antonov, Andrey Vorontsevich, Nikita Kurbanov and Mikhail Kulagin at EuroBasket 2017.

· In the EuroLeague Playoffs against CSKA last season, Shved set his career-highs with 36 points and a performance index rating of 37 in a Game 4 loss. Shved's 36 points also set a club single-game record in the competition.

· In the EuroLeague Playoffs last season, Egor Vialtsev also his career-highs with 21 points and a PIR of 20 PIR in Game 1.

· Stefan Markovic posted his career-high of 10 assists playing for Unicaja Malaga against CSKA in March 2015

· Anthony Gill had the best two index ratings of his career in the EuroLeague Playoffs against CSKA last season: 30 in a Game 2 loss and 29 in a Game 3 win. He also tied his career-high with 24 points in the Game 2 loss.

· Charles Jenkins set his career-best with a PIR of 24 and had a career-best 6 steals playing for Crvena Zvezda against CSKA in December 2016.

· CSKA center Othello Hunter set a career-high with an index rating of 28 in Game 1 of last season's playoffs against Khimki. He matched his career-high with 7 offensive rebounds in a Game 3 loss.

· CSKA swingman Cory Higgins matched his career-best with 26 points and set his career-high with a performance index rating of 35 in Game 3 of the playoffs against Khimki last season.

· Higgins also had career-high 26 points against Khimki in a 79-68 win in December last season. He set a CSKA club record by making 14 free throws on 16 attempts.

· CSKA guard Sergio Rodriguez set his career-highs with a PIR of 36 and 26 points against Khimki in an 89-84 win in Game 2 of the playoffs last season.

· Kurbanov scored 18 points three times in his EuroLeague career, and twice against Khimki. Kurbanov did so for the first time in February 2016 and matched it in December last season.

Monday, December 10, 2018

CSKA Moscow

Coach Itoudis has used 10 different players in CSKA's starting lineup this season; only Othello Hunter has started in every EuroLeague game.
Will Clyburn missed CSKA's Round 11 game due to a knee injury.
Sergio Rodriguez has made at least 1 three-point shot in each of his last 17 EuroLeague games.
Cory Higgins has scored in double figures in 18 consecutive EuroLeague games.
Higgins has made at least 1 three-pointer in six straight games.
Alec Peters has made at least 1 three-pointer each of his last nine games and made multiple threes in eight of them. He is shooting 26 for 45 from downtown (57.8%) over that stretch.
Will Clyburn has scored at least 10 points in seven straight EuroLeague games.
Clyburn has collected at least 1 steal in seven of CSKA's last eight EuroLeague games.
Clyburn has made 15 consecutive free throws in EuroLeague games.
Nikita Kurbanov has made 12 consecutive free throws in EuroLeague games.
Will Clyburn is fifth in the EuroLeague this season in average performance index rating at 18.7 per game. He is ranked fifth in rebounding with 6.9 per game.
Cory Higgins is ranked third in the league in scoring this season with 17.3 points per game.
Sergio Rodriguez is fifth in the EuroLeague in assists this season with 5.5 per game.
Alec Peters leads the EuroLeague this season in three-point accuracy at 57.8%. Higgins is third at 52.5%.
Nando De Colo leads all qualified players this season in free throw accuracy at 93.8%.
De Colo is the EuroLeague career leader in free throw accuracy at 93.66%.
Kyle Hines is ranked fourth in EuroLeague history with 191 blocked shots. Ioannis Bourousis is third with 194 blocks.
Hines is third in EuroLeague history with 468 offensive rebounds.
Hines is ranked 12th in competition history with 1,064 rebounds. His former CSKA teammate Victor Khryapa is ranked 11th with 1,070 boards.
Sergio Rodriguez needs 11 more assists to become just the fifth player in EuroLeague history to reach 1,000 career assists. Barcelona point guard Thomas Heurtel is next on the list with 1,065 career assists and counting.
Will Clyburn needs 8 points to reach 1,000 for his EuroLeague career.

Khimki Moscow Region

Dee Bost is the only player to have started every EuroLeague game for Khimki this season.
Alexey Shved suffered a broken pinky finger on his left hand in Round 9 and is expected to miss one month.
Anthony Gill is expected to miss three weeks of action, the club announced after Round 11.
Dmitrii Kadoshnikov is in line to make his EuroLeague debut.
Jordan Mickey has scored in double figures in each of his last five EuroLeague games.
Alexey Shved has made at least 1 three-pointer in 28 straight EuroLeague appearances.
Shved has scored at least 13 points in each of his last 42 EuroLeague games.
Shved has dished at least 4 assists in 18 straight EuroLeague appearances.
Crocker has made 10 consecutive free throws in EuroLeague action.
Alexey Shved leads the league in scoring with 25.3 points per game and in PIR with 25.9 per game. Shved leads the league in steals with 1.8 per contest
Shved is second in the EuroLeague in assists with 7.4 per game.
Anthony Gill is tied for second in the EuroLeague this season in two-point accuracy at 75.5%. Malcolm Thomas is tied for fourth at 71.9%.
Shved set EuroLeague single-season records with 740 points scored and 107 three-pointers made last season.
Sergey Monia needs 10 more points to reach 500 for his EuroLeague career.
Stefan Markovic needs 15 more assists to reach 300 for his EuroLeague career.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Head-to-head records

Home team Away team
6 - 2
CSKA Moscow Khimki Moscow Region
* overall record in EuroLeague since 2000
CSKA Moscow
Home record vs. Khimki Moscow Region: 4-0
Away record vs. Khimki Moscow Region: 2-2
Khimki Moscow Region
Home record vs. CSKA Moscow: 2-2
Away record vs. CSKA Moscow: 0-4


Season Date Phase Home Result Away
2017-18 27 April 2018 Playoffs Khimki Moscow Region 88 - 89 CSKA Moscow
2017-18 25 April 2018 Playoffs Khimki Moscow Region 79 - 73 CSKA Moscow
2017-18 19 April 2018 Playoffs CSKA Moscow 89 - 84 Khimki Moscow Region
2017-18 17 April 2018 Playoffs CSKA Moscow 98 - 95 Khimki Moscow Region
2017-18 23 March 2018 Regular Season Khimki Moscow Region 73 - 90 CSKA Moscow
2017-18 22 December 2017 Regular Season CSKA Moscow 79 - 68 Khimki Moscow Region
2015-16 25 February 2016 Top 16 CSKA Moscow 108 - 98 Khimki Moscow Region
2015-16 29 December 2015 Top 16 Khimki Moscow Region 91 - 89 CSKA Moscow