2007-08Regular SeasonRound 12
January 17, 2008 CET: 20:30
Local time: 20:30 PALAMALAGUTI

Team Stats

Ave.   Ave.
74.2 Points 77.6
30.0 Rebounds 28.8
10.5 O. Rebounds 8.3
19.5 D. Rebounds 20.5
9.5 Assists 11.8
10.1 Steals 13.5
3.5 Blocks 3.5
14.4 Turnovers 10.7
45.2 % 2PT 50.4 %
37.3 % 3PT 36.6 %
73.4 % FT 75.9 %
70.2 Index 82.6

Player Stats

Ave.   Ave.
19.4 / HOLLAND, DELONTE Points 14.1 / Kaukenas
5.6 / HOLLAND, DELONTE Rebounds 5.5 / Stonerook
2.6 / HOLLAND, DELONTE OR 1.5 / Eze
3.8 / GIOVANNONI, G. DR 4.5 / Stonerook
2.0 / DI BELLA, FABIO Assists 4.1 / McIntyre
1.7 / HOLLAND, DELONTE Steals 2.6 / McIntyre
1.7 / Crosariol Blocks 1.4 / Lavrinovic, K.
2.6 / SPENCER, DEWARICK Turnovers 2.4 / McIntyre
58.8 % / McGrath 2PT 67.4 % / Lavrinovic, K.
52.2 % / McGrath 3PT 54.2 % / Lavrinovic, K.
100.0 % / McGrath FT 88.2 % / Kaukenas
18.4 / HOLLAND, DELONTE Index 15.7 / Lavrinovic, K.


Ave.   Ave.
0-0 Final Four 0-0
0-0 Playoffs 0-0
0-0 Top 16 0-0
2-9 Regular Season 7-4
2-9 Overall 7-4


Crew Chief

The Take

It will be an all-Italian showdown in Group A on Thursday as two teams headed in different directions face off when Virtus VidiVici hosts Montepaschi Siena in Bologna. Virtus has lost five straight and bid farewell to its last realistic hopes of reaching the Top 16 with a loss last week at Prokom Trefl. With a 2-9 record and mounting injuries, head coach Stefano Pillastrini has made Euroleague play secondary to his Italian League concerns, allowing some of the club’s bright young prospects to amass minutes in recent weeks. Meanwhile Montepaschi, which has been dealing with injuries of its own, defeated Tau Ceramica at home last week to improve to 7-4 and join a four-way tie for second place in the group. Big man Ksistof Lavrinovic is expected back this week for the Italian champs after missing the last two games and it comes at a great time for the club, since Lavrinovic led Montepaschi with 24 points in 24 minutes – including an impressive 4-for-6 three-point shooting display – as Siena bested Bologna 80-69 in their last Euroleague meeting in November. Point guard Terrell McIntyre, who had 15 points and 6 assists in that win, posted 17 points and 9 assists as Montepaschi defeated Virtus by 16 in their last Italian League meeting. With another key Montepaschi player, Rimantas Kaukenas, still sidelined, the club has been working the recently signed Keith McLeod into the rotation. Meanwhile Virtus’s top scorers, Dewarick Spencer and Alan Anderson are questionable due to injuries, although forward Guillerme Giovannoni is expected back. Teenage rookies Jean Carlos Canelo, Matteo Da Ros, Riccardo Moraschini and Stevan Stojkov have all been given chances for Virtus in the last two weeks, with the latter two even starting one game each. How the club’s lineup will look this week is again a question mark, although one can be certain that it is a gamble to play such inexperienced players against the Euroleague’s leaders steals: McIntyre and Shaun Stonerook top the individual charts and Montepaschi leads as a team. Montepaschi has dominated these teams recent meetings, winning seven straight against Bologna, including a sweep in last season's Italian League finals. For the hosts to have real chance, former Siena man Roberto Chiacig and the league’s shots blocked leader Andrea Crosariol will need to play big inside and limit Lavrinovic and Ben Eze, while the rookies and Donnie McGrath generate points on the other end. However if McIntyre and Vlado Ilievski have their way, this game could be one-sided in a hurry, as Siena looks to stay in the battle for second place in the group.
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quotes Head Coaches

Virtus VidiVici
"We are slowly recovering our injured players, and that's good news for us on the way to the game against Avellino, next Sunday. Unfortunately, the game against Montepaschi will be only a practice for us, but we already played two balanced games with them this season and we look forward to improve our play. I am not surprised about Siena's results so far, because I have a big consideration of them. They missed Kaukenas and Lavrinovic but replaced them quickly and are still playing a high-level basketball. This game, however, will be really important for them as so Siena wants to keep fighting for the first places in the standings. Moreover, it lost its first game in the Italian League and an almost- perfect team is always searching for the best attitude, especially after a loss."


Virtus VidiVici
"It looks like we are playing better in this period. It’s a good opportunity to start again our season. We hope to have our players back as soon as possible in order to re- estabilish a better chemistry, which is the key to improve our record in the Italian league. Siena is one of the best teams in Europe. You can see that watching Montepaschi play and reading their results in this year and half. By now, Siena and Virtus took different paths in Euroleague and this game will be important only for them. Anyway, it will be a chance to improve further and prepare the game against Avellino in the Italian League. Montepaschi is a really solid team, one of the toughest in Europe. I don’t know what will be their final result in Euroleague, but Siena played great against Tau, beat Olympiacos and had the possibility to win against CSKA. They have all the tools to reach the Playoffs."
Romain Sato - Montepaschi Siena Montepaschi Siena stayed in the fight to reach high in Group A by downing host Virtus VidiVici Bologna 64-77 in an all-Italian showdown on Thursday. Montepaschi, already qualified for the Top 16, improved to 8-4 and ties with Tau Ceramica for second place in the group. Bologna, which had already run out of chances to reach the next round, dropped to 2-10. Romain Sato paced the winners with 18 points on 8-for-10 two-pointers, 6 rebounds and 5 steals. Terrell McIntyre added 13 points, former Bologna guard Vlado Ilievski had 11 while Ben Eze got 10 for Montepaschi. Guilherme Giovannoni led Bologna with 19 points on 7-for-9 two-pointers. Roberto Chiacig added 12 against his former team while Fabio Di Bella had 10 for the hosts. McIntyre and Ilievski fueled a 4-16 run that broke the game open, 10-30, late in the first quarter. Giovannoni and Di Bella brought Bologna back to life, 34-42, at halftime, while a three-pointer by Federico Lestini made it a three-point game, 53-56, late in the third quarter. Montepaschi limited Bologna to just 8 points in the fourth quarter while an outstanding Sato took over in this period to seal the outcome long before the final buzzer.

Back-to-back three-pointers by Shaun Stonerook and Ilievski got Montepaschi going while Bologna went to big men Giovannoni and Luca Garri inside to make it 4-6. Another three-pointer - this time by McIntyre - and a powerful dunk by Eze built a 4-11 edge for the guests. McIntyre stayed red-hot with 2 more triples, lifting Montepaschi in front by 6-17. Chiacig's low-post move broke the crowd’s silence but Ilievski’s free throws and a basket-with-free throw by Ksystof Lavrinovic enlarged the gap to 8-22. The hosts tried to climb on Chiacig’s shoulders, but Montepaschi run couldn’t be stopped as Sato hit 4 points in a row and Ilievski’s reverse layup made it a 20- point game before the first quarter ended 12-30.

Roberto Chiacig - Virtus VidiViciBologna's frontcourt kept being the only problem for Montepaschi as Chiacig and Giovannoni combined for 8 points to open the second quarter and narrow the lead to 22-35. Montepaschi started feeding Eze and he answered with a spin and a turnaround jumper good for a 22-39 lead. Consecutive three-pointers by Federico Lestini and Donnie McGrath inspired a 11-2 run that Andrea Michelori’s rebounds capped by letting Di Bella score on a fastbreak. Bologna’s fighting soul reduced the gap down to 7 points, 34-41, but Sato’s put-back after his own missed drive gave Montepaschi oxygen and preserved a 34-43 score at intermission.

Eze’s athletism darkened Bologna’s view to begin the third quarter and Montepaschi exploited it with a 7-1 opening run to make it 35-50. When Bologna's centers finally found the hole, the hosts come back within 42-50 on consecutive layups by Garri, Giovannoni and Chiacig. Marco Carraretto, who had landed the opening three-pointer of the quarter, scored on a difficult pull-up shot and added free throws to help Montepaschi take a double-digit lead again, 44-54. A fade- away by Giovannoni and a pair of free throws by Chiacig brought Bologna within 6 again, just before Federico Lestini bagged an amazing 24-second beater three-pointer that suddenly made it a three-point game at 53-56. In the last minute of the quarter, Sato went only 1-for-2 from the line but Chiacig missing both of his attempts and Montepaschi maintained a 53-57 edge after 30 minutes.

Montepaschi assaulted the last quarter with a different intensity as offensive precision gave its defense a further spur. Sato, Lavrinovic and McIntyre hit jumpers good for a 2-7 run and a 55-64 scoreboard. Sato’s corner jumper over the defender pushed the lead to 10 points, 56-66, but Lestini landed another big shot from beyond the arc and Bologna managed to stay within 59-66 with 5 minutes to play. Locking its defense, Bologna had a chance to try a couple of open three-pointers to come come closer, but missed them. Garri’s put-back, however, made it a five-point game on 61-66, but Sato decided to stop the hosts run as he scored a pull-up jumper, fed Eze for a tremendous dunk, got a fastbreak-with-free throw and added a two-handed jam to lock in a 61-75 advantage with one minute to play. It was over for VidiVici, while Montepaschi could enjoy its road win and its two-way tie at second place in Group A.

Thursday, January 17, 2008
Marco Martelli, Bologna
Attendance: 3765
By Quarter1234
Virtus VidiVici12221911
Montepaschi Siena30131420
End of Quarter1234
Virtus VidiVici12345364
Montepaschi Siena30435777
Virtus VidiVici
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
11 CROSARIOL, ANDREA 13:16         1 1 2 1 1 1 1   1   3
12 GIOVANNONI, GUILHERME 24:46 19 7/9 1/2 2/3 1 4 5   1       3 4 22
13 NOVI, MICHELE DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
14 CHIACIG, ROBERTO 19:45 12 4/7   4/7 3 3 6   2 2   1   6 17
15 MICHELORI, ANDREA 10:40 3 0/2   3/4   4 4 1 1 2     2 3 5
16 DI BELLA, FABIO 34:31 10 5/7 0/1     1 1 1 1 5 1   4 2 4
18 LESTINI, FEDERICO 26:01 9 0/2 3/5     3 3     2   1 5 1 1
19 DA ROS, MATTEO 7:10   0/1     1   1   1 2     1 1 -1
20 GARRI, LUCA 14:01 6 3/7 0/1   4 1 5   1 1   1 1 1 5
21 McGRATH, DONNIE 30:56 5 1/5 1/4     1 1 3 1 1     1 1 2
22 STOJKOV, STEVAN 1:36                   2         -2
24 MORASCHINI, RICCARDO 17:18     0/2     1 1   2       2   -1
Team             1 1   1           2
Totals 200:00 64 20/40 5/15 9/14 10 20 30 6 12 18 2 3 20 19 57
        50% 33.3% 64.3%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
Montepaschi Siena
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
4 BERTI, SIMONE DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5 MCINTYRE, TERRELL 30:52 13 2/7 3/5   1 2 3 4 3 3   1   2 14
6 ILIEVSKI, VLADO 23:30 11 3/3 1/2 2/2   1 1 4 3 1     1 1 17
8 EZE, BENJAMIN 27:22 10 5/7     2 8 10       1 1 3 1 16
9 CARRARETTO, MARCO 6:18 7 1/1 1/3 2/2           1     3 1 2
10 SATO, ROMAIN 26:02 18 8/10 0/2 2/3 2 4 6 2 5 1 1   1 8 33
11 THORNTON, BOOTSY 20:34 5   1/2 2/2   2 2   1 1       1 7
12 LAVRINOVIC, KSISTOF 11:46 8 2/4 1/2 1/1 1   1   1 2     2 2 5
14 RESS, TOMAS 12:32   0/1 0/3     1 1     1 1   2 1 -4
18 MC LEOD, KEITH 12:44 2 1/3 0/2     1 1   2 3     1 1 -2
19 ROMERO, HECTOR 4:40         1   1           2   -1
20 STONEROOK, SHAUN 23:40 3 0/1 1/1     2 2 1 2 2     4 2 3
Team           1 1 2     1         1
Totals 200:00 77 22/37 8/22 9/10 8 22 30 11 17 16 3 2 19 20 91
        59.5% 36.4% 90%

Head Coaches

Virtus VidiVici
W"e did what we wanted: staying in the game and being decorous. These games are really difficult for us, but we use them in the best way possible, finding good answers by our players and giving others the chance to get experience. In the beginning of the game, Siena played great and it was really hard for us. Then, they lowered their pressure a bit and we started doing a great job on defense. Anyway, it's very difficult to make tactical or technical analysis about these games. We have very few players now. But I think that our fans enjoyed themselves."
Montepaschi Siena
"After losing at Avellino in the Italian, we know in which moment of the season we are. We did what we had to do in the first quarter, playing our system really well. Then, we played two awful quarters, but we know the reasons well. We have to recover Lavrinovic at his best, we have to insert a player like McLeod and help the players that gave the most so far this season. We must avoid getting nervous when we miss doing our things. If we stop and think, it's difficult to avoid mistakes. I also want to give credit to Virtus, which played without many players and never gave up."


Virtus VidiVici
"We played a tough and balanced game until the last minute. In the last quarter, we made some mistakes that we can't allow if we want to win games against big teams like Siena. It's a pity we didn't achieve this win as it could have given us a lot of confidence. Even if we are playing better games, it's difficult to get confidence if you keep losing. We are in a difficult season, we suffered a lot of problems. We are still working to overcome them."
Montepaschi Siena
"For us, this game is not a win – but a loss. We should have won in a different way. It's our fault if the game took that trend. Virtus played very good, with the heart and the toughness we should have had for all the 40 minutes - not only the first quarter. After the first 10 minutes, we thought everything was easy. We are conscious that we won't have Kaukenas anymore and that we have to find new balances."
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