2006-07Regular SeasonRound 4
November 16, 2006 CET: 20:45
Local time: 20:45 LAND ROVER ARENA

Team Stats

Ave.   Ave.
76.7 Points 68.7
29.3 Rebounds 29.7
10.0 O. Rebounds 8.7
19.3 D. Rebounds 21.0
13.3 Assists 13.3
10.7 Steals 8.7
0.7 Blocks 3.7
12.3 Turnovers 20.7
50.4 % 2PT 59.0 %
37.7 % 3PT 31.1 %
77.1 % FT 71.4 %
74.3 Index 69.0

Player Stats

Ave.   Ave.
8.7 / THOMAS, JAMES Rebounds 6.0 / BURRELL, RONNIE
6.3 / THOMAS, JAMES DR 4.0 / JONES, A.
4.0 / Edney Assists 3.3 / McELROY, IMMANUEL
0.7 / THOMAS, JAMES Blocks 1.3 / TALTS, J.
2.7 / Edney Turnovers 4.0 / Strasser
75.0 % / EVTIMOV, VASCO 2PT 75.0 % / JONES, A.
66.7 % / Janicenoks 3PT 100.0 % / Nadjfeji
100.0 % / Hamann FT 100.0 % / FAISON, MARCUS


Ave.   Ave.
0-0 Final Four 0-0
0-0 Playoffs 0-0
0-0 Top 16 0-0
0-0 Regular Season 0-0
0-3 Overall 0-3


Crew Chief

The Take

Thursday night will be a turning point for at least one Group A team as Climamio hosts RheinEnergie Cologne at Land Rover Arena in Bologna, Italy. Both teams are looking for their first win of the competition. Climamio came close last week as it held a 7-point lead midway through the fourth quarter at Dynamo Moscow, but scored just 5 points the rest of the way and lost 78-73. The bright spot was Preston Shumpert, who continued his nice scoring run with 16. However the bad news came when forward Stefano Mancinelli suffered an ankle injury in the game and will miss Thursday;s game. Moreover, point guard Tyus Edney has a hip muscle problem and is questionable for the hosts. RheinEnergie was blown out at home last week by Tau Ceramica 70-102. Only Marcus Faison rose to the occasion with 22 points as his team committed 25 turnovers. RheinEnergie is averaging a league-high 21 turnovers per game, something it will need to cut to win on the road in Italy. Edney's fitness could have a big impact on the game, since the team's backup, German national team guard Steffen Hamann, is well known to the Cologne squad. RheinEnergie playmaker Demond Mallet is a former teammate of Hamann's at Brose Baskets Bamberg. Bologna's scoring starts from the perimeter with Marco Belinelli (12 ppg.) and power forward David Bluthenthal (12 ppg.), with Shumpert (17.7 ppg.) making his outside shots as well as penetrating to the paint. Inside, James Thomas has carried the rebounding load with 8.7 boards in 25 minutes, though he is also a foul liability with at least four in each game. Faison (18 ppg.) has been a scoring machine for Cologne, shooting 70.5% from two- and 50% from three-point range this season. He is also 12-for-12 from the line. Ronnie Burrell is a solid No. 2 option, though the team may wish to turn to 2.14-meter center Marcin Gortat in the paint more often this week to exploit his height advantage over Thomas, who stands at 2.03m. Both teams know that an 0-4 start to the season will make reaching the Top 16 a remote possibility and that something that neither side wants to face. With the prospect of the rest of the season slipping away, there will be a playoff atmosphere in Bolgne as RheinEnergie and Climamio fight to save their season.

Quotes Head Coaches

Climamio Bologna
"We are improving and doing much better game after game. The direction is right. Now, we face RheinEnergie at home and it is a good chance to win our first game in the Euroleague. They play this competition for the first time and they didn't start the season well. Both Cologne and Climamio are 0-3 and that gives the game an important meaning. RheinEnergie has a clear three-player base - point guard Demond Mallet, shooter Marcus Faison and forward Ronald Burrell. We'll have to handle Marcin Gortat, too, because he is big, tall and strong. Nadjfeji is another important player for them, because he can hit from outside. To pick up our first win, we have to stay focused and keep having the right behavior on the court. We want to unlock the win column."
"The game against Tau showed how a good team will punish every little mistake that we make. The question is, how do we respond to that? Bologna has a new team that is trying to find a rhythm and is still searching for chemistry. Even with one new player it takes some time for everybody to adapt, with a whole team you need much more time. But their 0-3 record doesn't mean much, since they have played against three good teams who were in good form at the time. It's a must-win game for them, plus we have to play in their arena with their great atmosphere. This is still Bologna, not some average team. You can never expect to win against them just because of their record."


Climamio Bologna
"The game against Cologne is very important for us. We need a win to start our race. We are 0-3 and I know we are under pressure for that, but we will try to exploit our homecourt. Of course, I know very well a lot of RheinEnergie players. The first is Demond Mallet, who played with me in Bamberg. He is a very good player and I will face him head-to-head. Compared to last season, Cologne lost a couple of key players - Michael Jordan and Glen McGowan - who were very important for them in winning the German title. I can't forget our playoff series against them… because we lost after a Nadjfeji three-pointer at the buzzer. What a pity! Then, they won the title, so they deserve to play in Euroleague this season. But now I am here in Fortitudo and I am focused on winning Thursday's game."
"I'm very excited to meet my old teammate Steffen Hamann on the court. He told me that Bologna has a good team and that he's looking forward to going against me. I think we have a good shot against them. We're both winless this Euroleague season, so I'm expecting a hard fight. We cannot give their good shooters open looks at the basket if we want to have a chance. Personally, going against Tyus Edney, he was one of my favorite college players when I was growing up. I'm kind of anxious to play against him. It's like playing against one of your childhood superstars. I feel I'm just as good as he is, if not better, so this will be a great test for me."
RheinEnergie In a Group A showdown with a coveted first victory at stake for both teams, RheinEnergie Cologne found its first Euroleague win ever in an historic arena, blasting host Climamio 86-90 on Thursday in Bologna, Italy. Cologne raised its record to1-3 record while Fortitudo fell 0-4. Ronnie Burrell was the man of the night as he scored 21 points and grabbed 13 rebounds for the winners. Marcus Faison added 15 points, while Macin Gortat hit 12, Demond Mallett and Aleksandar Nadjfeji 11 each. Climamio had a big effort by David Bluthenthal, who ended with 29 points, while Robert Fultz added 15 and James Thomas 10. The key of the game came in the third quarter when Cologne posted a 18-0 run which made a quick memory of Climamio's only lead of the second half.

Preston Shumpert got Climamio going with a jumper that Marcin Gortat quickly matched with a back-to-the-basket move. Immanuel McElroy scored a put-back to give Cologne the lead, 2-4, and after a Shumpert triple, his fastbreak put the Germans ahead again, 5-6. A free throw and a tremendous block by Burrell showed Cologne had the momentum as Marcus Faison's transition triple gave the guests a 5-10 lead midway through the quarter. After a Climamio timeout, James Thomas and David Bluthenthal brought Climamio to within 9-10, but Nadjfeji scored 5 points in a row to raise Cologne's margin to 12-16.  Thomas answered with a free throw and Bluthenthal a three-pointer on the buzzer to tie the score at 16-16 after 10 minutes.

David Bluthenthal - ClimamioBluthenthal restarted the second quarter where he left off the first, scoring another jumper while Belinelli dunked on a fastbreak to send the hosts ahead 20-16. Cologne immediately reacted as a Mladjen Sljvancanin's triple opened a 0-7 run that Nadjfeji and Burrell capped with layups, 20-23. Cavaliero tied the game with a triple but Nadjfeji found another baseline bucket to put the guests up 23-26. Even after a Climamio timeout, Cologne kept going to the baseline, where Burrell cashed in on a pair of foul shots before adding a basket to make it 25-30. Bluthenthal answered with a corner triple but Climamio's trouble continued on defense as McElroy and Burrell went inside again for a 30-35 score. Robert Fultz helped Climamio with 5 straight points to tie 35-35 but Burrell ended his great half with a drive to give Cologne a 35-37 advantage after 20 minutes.

Mallet fed Gortat and then scored a three-pointer to give keep Cologne moving forward, 37-42 after halftime. Bluthenthal spurred a Climamio takeover with a three-pointer and a put-back while Thomas hit from inside to give the hosts a new lead at 44-42 after a 7-0 run. RheinEnergie, however, paid Climamio back with the same coin and more. Gortat scored twice and Mallet nailed a big three-pointer to open the run by retaking the scoreboard at 44-49. A Climamio timeout didn't stop the visitors. Nadjfeji drove easily to the basket and Faison hit a triple to make it 44-54. The Bologna fans were not happy, but Cologne was on fire now as Burrel scored with a free throw added and Faison struck from long distance to enlarge the run to 18-0 and the lead to 44-60. Shumpert broke Climamio's shocking drought but Sljivancanin and Alvin Jones added 5 more points for a maximum lead of 46-65. Cavaliero limited the damage with 4 points, but Cologne still was ruling by 50-65 after 30 minutes.

Thomas and Fultz scored 5 points to open the fourth quarter and reduce the gap to 55-65. Gortat hit from outside while Thomas and Fultz scored again, bringing Climamio within 8 points, 59-67, with 8 minutes to play. Burrell and Bluthenthal traded baskets before Faison scored over Belinelli and Burrell dunked on fastbreak to maintain that margin, 61-73. Bluthenthal hit another fallaway jumper and Fultz landed a three-pointer as the lead was trimmed to 66-73. Sljivancanin also scored from the arc, however, to reestablish a 10-point advantage, 66-76. Bluthethal kept scoring from the middle range and Fultz made another big play running a fastbreak, scoring and drawing a foul making it 70-76. But Cologne didn't lose patience as Burrell and Mallet posted a 1-6 run in response, making it 71-82 with 2 minutes to play. Bluthenthal, Hamann and Belinelli landed three-pointers but they were too late as Cologne flew off with its first Euroleague win ever.
Thursday, November 16, 2006
Marco Martelli, Bologna
Attendance: 4253
By Quarter1234
Climamio Bologna16191536
End of Quarter1234
Climamio Bologna16355086
Climamio Bologna
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
7 SHUMPERT, PRESTON 29:00 7 2/6 1/5 0/1 2   2 2 3 3   1 1 2 2
9 HAMANN, STEFFEN 21:00 8 2/7 1/2 1/1   1 1 4 1 1   2 4 3 4
10 CAVALIERO, DANIELE 20:00 7 1/2 1/2 2/2 1 1 2 4 2 5     5 3 6
11 EVTIMOV, VASSIL 7:00 4 2/3   0/2   3 3 1           1 6
13 BLU, DAVID 25:00 29 7/7 5/7   2 4 6     3     4   26
14 RESS, TOMAS 12:45     0/1           2   2   2 2 3
15 THOMAS, JAMES 33:00 10 4/6   2/6 5 4 9   4 1 2   5 4 17
17 BRUTTINI, DAVIDE DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
23 BELINELLI, MARCO 35:15 6 1/9 1/3 1/2         2 1     2 6  
32 FULTZ, ROBERT 17:00 15 3/4 3/4 0/3   1 1 1 3 1   1 3 2 12
33 CORTESE, RICCARDO DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Team           2 1 3   4           7
Totals 200:00 86 22/44 12/24 6/17 12 15 27 12 21 15 4 4 26 23 83
        50% 50% 35.3%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
8 NADJFEJI, ALEKSANDAR 24:15 11 5/6 0/1 1/2 1 2 3 5 2 1     2 6 21
9 STRASSER, JOHANNES DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12 TALTS, JANAR 10:00   0/1 0/1     2 2           3   -3
13 GORTAT, MARCIN 29:30 12 6/9 0/1   2 3 5   1 4 1 2 4   5
20 MALLET, DEMOND 23:30 11 2/4 2/4 1/2   2 2 4 1 6     5 4 6
22 FAISON, MARCUS 32:45 15 1/3 3/3 4/6   3 3 2 1 3     2 4 16
23 McELROY, IMMANUEL 21:00 9 4/6   1/4 3 1 4 1 1 1     3 3 9
30 BURRELL, RONNIE 35:45 21 8/12   5/8 3 10 13 3 3 2 2 2 2 7 36
31 GRUNHEID, GUIDO 4:00                   1     1   -2
32 SLJIVANCANIN, MLADJEN 14:15 9 0/1 3/3         1 1   1   1 1 11
44 JONES, ALVIN 5:00 2 1/2   0/2 1 2 3 1   2       1 2
Team           1 3 4   4 1         7
Totals 200:00 90 27/44 8/13 12/24 11 28 39 17 14 21 4 4 23 26 108
        61.4% 61.5% 50%
This game is not yet played
"I think we exploited the bad moment of Climamio. It's not easy for them to play without Tyus Edney, who gives them the rhythm, and without other players. For us this win is very, very important because it is the first in this competition. That's important for me, for the players, for the organization. We played a good game and I think we showed we have room to improve. The key was stopping Belinelli – avoiding his taking his big shots. Then, we controlled rebounds and denied any easy baskets on the fastbreak. On offense, we took good solutions as we had a good shooting night. Now we have to keep working."


Climamio Bologna
"We definitely helped them. We played a very bad game. The whole team played bad. Me first. I take full responsibility. During halftime, our coach was right in being angry with us. We are the firsts ones who have to step on court with confidence. I understand the crowd booing. It's not easy for them, but it's not easy for us either."
"I think we deserved to win. We put more energy than Climamio on the floor. We played uptempo and we never lost the momentum. This win is our first in Euroleague and the meaning is very important. We showed we have skills to play against many teams, even teams of other leagues. We are in a good shape as we are finding the rhythm. This night will give us a lot of confidence."
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