2007-08Regular SeasonRound 3
November 06, 2007 CET: 19:15
Local time: 20:15 ABDI IPEKCI ARENA

Team Stats

Ave.   Ave.
69.5 Points 83.0
28.5 Rebounds 21.0
6.5 O. Rebounds 4.0
22.0 D. Rebounds 17.0
14.0 Assists 17.0
5.5 Steals 6.0
2.5 Blocks 3.0
16.5 Turnovers 13.0
55.2 % 2PT 58.9 %
40.9 % 3PT 43.5 %
52.4 % FT 64.5 %
66.5 Index 73.0

Player Stats

Ave.   Ave.
19.0 / Solomon Points 21.0 / Lorbek
9.5 / Turkcan Rebounds 5.5 / Lorbek
1.5 / Erden OR 1.5 / Lorbek
8.5 / Turkcan DR 4.0 / Lorbek
4.0 / Onan Assists 8.0 / Ukic
2.0 / Solomon Steals 1.5 / Hawkins
1.0 / Savas Blocks 2.0 / Lorbek
3.0 / Savas Turnovers 2.5 / Ukic
100.0 % / MRSIC, DAMIR 2PT 75.0 % / Ukic
100.0 % / White 3PT 100.0 % / Lorbek
100.0 % / Vidmar FT 100.0 % / Ukic
20.0 / Turkcan Index 24.0 / Lorbek


Ave.   Ave.
0-0 Final Four 0-0
0-0 Playoffs 0-0
0-0 Top 16 0-0
0-2 Regular Season 0-2
0-2 Overall 0-2


Crew Chief

The Take

Two teams with high hopes but rough starts to the Euroleague Basketball season meet on Tuesday in Istanbul when Fenerbahce Ulker host Lottomatica Roma in a Group C clash. Both teams have started out 0-2, but have had plenty of good to take with them from those matches. However a 0-3 start could damn them both in the standings and psychologically, and neither team wants to risk that. Fener has shown spirit in closing big early deficits to challenge Real Madrid and Barcelona in its first two games, but both times didn't have enough in the tank to pull off the victory. With a full roster available, coach Bogdan Tanjevic has a deep squad that boasts experience and youth and can attack inside and outside. Point guard Willie Solomon is the team's offensive leader, while the sweet-shooting Ibrahim Kutluay and rebounding ace Mirsad Turkcan are also big threats. Roma, which is playing its third straight game on the road, has suffered a pair of narrow defeats, first at Panathinaikos and then at Real Madrid. Coach Jasmin Repesa's squad's biggest strength is in the backcourt, where five senior players have big roles, led by playmaker Roko-Leni Ukic, the current league-leader in assists, and red-hot shooter Jon Stefansson. Inside, Roma boasts veteran Gregor Fucka and Erazem Lorbek, the Euroleague Week 2 co-MVP, however injuries to Erik Daniel and Christian Drejer have the club strapped up front, which could be a key for Fener, which has five rotation players at 2.06 meters or more. Among the exciting head-to-head matchups could be Solomon against Roma's defensive ace David Hawkins, or Lorbek going against Turkcan. Both teams are also frequent three-point shooters and whichever side has the hotter hand on the night could walk away victorious. Although it is early in the season, the pressure will be on both teams as they essentially have their backs to the wall, making for a playoff type atmosphere at the always packed Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall.
Monday, November 5, 2007

Quotes Head Coaches

Fenerbahce Ulker
"The loses of both teams in the first two matches makes this game more dramatic for each team. Of course, losing this game is not the end of the world, but at least will damage the future plans of each side for sure. They played really hard games on the road both against Panathinaikos and Real Madrid. Looking from our side, we are also hungry for a win. We know that we have to win for the good of the future of our position in the group. Lottomatica Roma has a very good roster under the directory of an excellent coach like Jasmin Repesa. They have experienced talents like Gregor Fucka, Erazem Lorbek, Christian Drejer and many top quality players. I think we will have a full roster for the first time this season and hope that it helps us on the court. I also hope to see our fans to fill Abdi Ipekci for us."
Lottomatica Roma
"In our [Italian League] win against Benetton, we have seen the first signs that we are becoming a great team. It wasn't an easy victory, as we had to do without several players and also faced a difficult calendar. Now we must confirm our improvement by finding continuity in our results. Fenerbahce is a strong team that has started the Euroleague badly. If we manage to win there, it would be a strong sign for our future."


Fenerbahce Ulker
"We are really feeling sorry for upsetting our fans with two straight loses in Euroleague. This is a good chance for us to let them forgive us. Lottomatica Roma has a real good team and they challenged very well against Panathinaikos and Real Madrid on the road. What we need to do is to stay resistant and challenge for whole 40 minutes. This is the only way to win a game. Of course, once again, we need to see our fans behind us."
Lottomatica Roma
"We almost won in Athens [against Panathinaikos] and in Madrid [against Real Madrid] and we have proved we are able to play against anyone. We have little time to get our strength back, but we will got to Istanbul to win."
Mirsat Turkcan - Fenerbahce Ulker Fenerbahce Ulker registered its first win in Group C by downing Lottomatica Roma 85-66 on its home court of Abdi Ipecki in Istanbul, Turkey in an early game on Tuesday night. Fenerbahce improved to 1-2 in its second home game of the season. Meanwhile, Roma dropped to 0-3 but still has to play all its 7 home games in Group C. Will Solomon led the winners with 21 points. Ibrahim Kutluay added 17 points off the Fenerbahce Ulker bench, Damir Kaan had 14 while Mirsad Turkcan posted a monster double-double of 12 points and 17 rebounds for the hosts. Erazem Lorbek had 15 points for Roma while Jon Stefansson added 13 on 7-of-7 free throws for the guests, who committed 18 turnovers tonight. Fenerbahce led 20-10 after 10 minutes and managed to keep a safe edge all the way, extending its margin to 65-47 after 30 minutes to cruise to a much-needed, well-deserved win.

Fenerbahce came out ready to run Roma off the floor, taking a quick 7-0 lead thanks to a three-pointer by Turkcan . The defensive toughness of the home team forced Roma into several turnovers in the first 5 minutes, allowing Fenerbahce to extend its lead to 9 points, at 11-2, on Omer Onan's basket. Roma tried to ease the tempo of Fenerbahce and finally pushed its points total into double digits with a layup by Gregor Fucka. But the spectacular dunk of James White plus a layup of Oguz Savas over Fucka ended the first quarter with Fenerbahce comfortably in front, 20-10.

Gregor Fucka - Lottomatica RomaRoma found in the second quarter what they were looking for nearly all the first: points. The visitors scored 9 of them in three possessions to start the second quarter. Allan Ray's back-to-back three-pointers plus another shot from long range by Roberto Gabini suddenly had Roma back in the game at 26-19. But Fenerbahce responded well to those points. Solomon, Turkcan and Damir Mrsic answered with three-pointers of their own soon to restore a double-digit advantage at 29-19. The veteran forward Turkcan kept his team going to a 31-19 advantage, the team's best so far, as his own point total reached 11. Roma started a zone press in attempts to break the resistance of Fenerbahce. Since it worked, the visitors kept on doing it. In the final minute of the half, Fucka and Lorbek scored to bring Roma as close as 40-34, but Solomon's speedy full-court run and jumper from the post at the buzzer ended the first half with Fenerbahce up by 42-34.

Ibrahim Kutluay and Willie Solomon - Fenerbahce UlkerFenerbahce made a thunderous start to the second half, rolling off a 10-2 blast to extend its lead to 14 points. Solomon's layup halfway through the quarter made it 54-38. The home team stayed focused in the game while Roma's consecutive misses and turnovers turned into Fenerbahce fastbreaks. Lorbek tried to keep Roma in the game but Turkcan's rebounds gave Fenerbahce all the possessions it needed to keep contro. Solomon made another layup for the home team that pushed the lead to 20 points before the third quarter ended 65-47 with Roma already demoralised.

Kutluay's three-pointer early in the final quarter boosted the Fenerbahce lead to 21 points at 68-47 while the visitors tried to close the gap behind Lorbek and Stefansson. But those efforts plus the weakness in defense didn't help Roma too much. Kaan's back-to-back three-pointers in the 38th minute extended the lead higher than ever, 85-61, as Fenerbahce treated its fans to an easy first victory.
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Gokhan Ture, Istanbul
Attendance: 1200
By Quarter1234
Fenerbahce Ulker20222320
Lottomatica Roma10241319
End of Quarter1234
Fenerbahce Ulker20426585
Lottomatica Roma10344766
Fenerbahce Ulker
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
4 WHITE, JAMES 13:21 2 1/1 0/1     2 2 1         3   1
5 SOLOMON, WILLIE 34:36 21 5/6 2/7 5/6   1 1 2   1     3 7 20
6 TURKCAN, MIRSAD 34:25 13 2/8 2/3 3/4 8 9 17 1 2 2 1 1 2 5 26
7 ONAN, OMER 27:59 6 2/2 0/2 2/2   2 2 1 3 2     2 3 9
8 BASAK, RASIM 5:35     0/1         1 1       1    
9 ERDEN, SEMIH 24:08 8 3/8   2/4 1 3 4   1 1   1 2 2 4
10 KUTLUAY, IBRAHIM 28:17 17 3/7 3/6 2/5   1 1 1 2 1   1 1 3 11
12 MRSIC, DAMIR 15:47 14   4/6 2/2   3 3 1 1 2     2 2 15
14 VIDMAR, GASPER DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
15 DEMIREL, HAKAN DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
21 SAVAS, OGUZ 15:52 4 1/4   2/4   5 5 1   2 1 1 2 2 3
55 PRELDZIC, EMIR DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Totals 200:00 85 17/36 11/26 18/27 9 26 35 9 10 11 2 4 18 24 89
        47.2% 42.3% 66.7%
Min: Minutes played; Pts: Points; 2FG M-A: 2-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); 3FG M-A: 3-point Field Goals (Made-Attempted); FT M-A: Free Throws (Made-Attempted); Rebounds: O (Offensive), D (Defensive), T (Total); As: Assists; St: Steals; To: Turnovers; Bl: Blocks (Fv: In Favor / Ag: Against); Fouls: Cm (Commited), Rv (Received); PIR: Performance Index Rating
Lottomatica Roma
  Rebounds Blocks Fouls
# Player Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT O D T As St To Fv Ag Cm Rv PIR
5 GIACHETTI, JACOPO 13:12 2 1/1 0/1     1 1 1         3    
7 FUCKA, GREGOR 22:09 6 3/6     1 3 4 1   1     4 3 6
8 TONOLLI, ALESSANDRO 10:38     0/1                   3   -4
9 STEFANSSON, JON 28:00 13 3/7 0/2 7/7 1 4 5 1 1 2     2 5 15
10 DREJER, CHRISTIAN DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12 LORBEK, ERAZEM 25:37 15 7/11   1/2 2 1 3 1   3 3   3 4 15
15 RAY, ALLAN 28:35 9 1/8 2/3 1/1   4 4 4 2 2   2 2 2 7
20 UKIC, ROKO 29:47 9 4/7 0/4 1/1 3 2 5 2   2     2 3 8
22 GABINI, ROBERTO 18:53 6 0/1 2/8   4 1 5   3 4 1   4    
34 HAWKINS, DAVID 23:09 6 3/7 0/1     8 8 4 1 4     1 1 10
Team           1   1               1
Totals 200:00 66 22/48 4/20 10/11 12 24 36 14 7 18 4 2 24 18 58
        45.8% 20% 90.9%
Head coach: REPESA, JASMIN

Head Coaches

Fenerbahce Ulker
"It was a very good game for us. We played good basketball. Our opponent was not as fresh as usual because of their heavy schedule. They played really good against Panathinaikos and Real Madrid and then played a very tough Italian League game against Benetton at the weekend. Because of that, they played the game under their normal rhythm. Mirsad Turkcan played a great game and also Willie Solomon and Ibrahim Kutluay did their job, as well as Mirsad. Now we have to forget about this game and try to recover in the Turkish League first. This win means as a recovery for us in the Euroleague. We have to play better and better day by day."
Lottomatica Roma
"They deserved this victory. We started the game and we finished it on the same level. We played very bad, without energy, without concentration. I know that we had a very tough Italian League game on Sunday against Benetton in Treviso, but we are professionals and we have to accept this heavy schedule. We have had a lot of travel, but for sure I'm not happy about the way we played and how we remained on the court without concentration. Of course, Fenerbahce played a very good game and for sure, they deserved this victory."


Fenerbahce Ulker
"This is the most important game for us this season, until now. If we had lost today, it would have been very hard to handle. Lottomatica Roma was really very tired today and we turned this into an advantage on our side. They had a very tough game against Benetton in Italy two days ago. Today, we got a very important win. Our next game against Chorale Roanne in France next week is at least as important as this game. We will try to keep on winning for the good of the next stage."
Lottomatica Roma
"It was a real bad game for us. Fenerbahce Ulker played a lot better today. Maybe we were a little bit too tired because of the game that we played two days ago against Benetton Treviso. Fenerbahce played good both inside and outside. We have to forget about this game and try to play better in the next games."
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