2006-07Regular SeasonRound 1
Horace Jenkins, Efes

Regular Season, Round 1

Opening week of the Euroleague 2006-07 regular season once again delivered more than its fair share of thrills. For some fans, like those of Le Mans and Dynamo Moscow, that meant seeing their home teams winning a Euroleague game for the very first time ever. For others like the fans of Lottomatica Roma and Aris TT Bank, it was a chance to be reminded of former glories as their teams took their first victories in years in Europe's top competition. For teams preseason favorites Panathinaikos and CSKA, it meant surviving tough road contests against feisty newcomers like DKV Joventut and Eldo Basket Napoli, reminders to everyone that games aren't played on paper. Several other winners, like Efes Pilsen, Olympiacos, Maccabi, Benetton and Cibona clung to the comforts of their home courts - a must to move through any competition of this caliber - while Winterthur FC Barcelona pulled off an always-important road win. The bottom line, as always after opening week, was four teams at 1-0 and four others at 0-1 in each group. Such symmetry is not often seen beyond the first week, but with a competitiveness like this, anything can happen.

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