Andrea Cinciarini: Ready to keep fighting

Jan 23, 2017 by Andrea Cinciarini - Milan, Italy Print
Andrea Cinciarini: Ready to keep fighting

First of all, a great hello to all the EuroLeague fans!

We finally landed in the second part of the regular season of this amazing new competition, but our position in the standings is very bad, and to reach our initial goal, the playoffs, has now become very complicated for EA7 Emporio Armani Milan. Our team went through a very bad December, totally winless, and we lost 10 games in a rows before we were able to claim another victory, last Thursday at home against Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul. In that win we showed some of what we can do, and I am especially happy that we were more aggressive, because that is a key going forward.

When you go so long without a win, it's very difficult for everybody to stay focused on your job, day by day and game by game. It is hard work to keep your confidence high, to avoid losing trust in yourself, your teammates, the staff, and in our job. But after the complications of some injures and the transfer of an important player like Alessandro Gentile, we were able to get back on track just now.

We tried during those weeks to work harder during our practice, to talk a lot in the locker room between the players, and also with the technical staff. But every time we went on the court, there was a moment in which our opponents were able to make a huge break, and when that happened, frustration and irritability succeeded in helping us to suffer another defeat.

November and December have been two difficult months to swallow. It is very tough to have continuous defeats and to see your goal getting farther away. And it was not easy to go to the gym and re-create the same positive atmosphere we had early in the season, when we won games and everything was more simple.

But now, last week's victory gave a sign to everybody. We want to finish this EuroLeague at our best. We have to remember that 12 games are left, a playoffs berth is five victories away, and we just have to try to do it.

To win all the games that we can, it's a necessity to play really aggressive, with great energy, and with the desire to show everyone - even ourselves - that despite two difficult months and a huge streak of defeats, we're here and will fight until the last second trying to reach our goals, which are to finish this fantastic and very hard competition in the right way.

Cheers to everybody, thanks for your attention and see you soon in another episode of my blog.