Game of the Week 6: Top 10 questions

Nov 13, 2012 by Print
Game of the Week 6: Top 10 questions
Panathinaikos Athens Panathinaikos Athens vs. Real Madrid Real Madrid

1 The '70s or the '90s?
The youngest player on either roster, Nikola Mirotic of Madrid (born 1991) will likely match up with the oldest, Andy Panko of Panathinaikos (born 1977), and not for the first time. Panko was the Spanish League MVP last year. Which generation rules on Thursday?
Nikola Mirotic - Real Madrid
2 Bouncing back?
Former MV-everything Dimitris Diamantidis of Panathinaikos is coming off his lowest-rated Euroleague game ever: 0 points, 6 missed three-pointers and 5 turnovers last week. Can he bounce back so soon against a wild bunch of Real Madrid guards?
Dimitris Diamantidis - Panathinaikos Athens
3 Safe keeping?
Panathinaikos leads the Euroleague in turnovers, 17.2 per game. Madrid forces the third most turnovers on opponents, 16 per game, half on steals, led by Dontaye Draper. Can the Greens hold onto the basketball?
Dontaye Draper - Real Madrid
4 Foul watch I?
Sofoklis Schortsanitis draws fouls faster than any Euroleague player, almost 15 per 40 minutes. He commits more than his fair share of fouls, too. Will his fouls limit his minutes more or Madrid's get him to the free throw line more on Thursday?
Sofoklis Schortsanitis - Panathinaikos Athens
5 Foul watch II?
More than half of Madrid fouls, 12.2 per game, are shared by frontcourt players Felipe Reyes, Marcus Slaughter, Mirza Begic and Nikola Mirotic. Panathinaikos draws the second-most fouls of any Euroleauge team, 24.6 on average. Can the Greens put the Blancos into foul trouble?
Felipe Reyes - Real Madrid
6 Getting closer I?
Panathinaikos ranks first in two-pointers (58.2%), but shoots fewer (33 per game) than all except one other team. They rank 18th in three-point accuracy (30.8%) but try more than all except five other teams (21.6 per game). Don't the Greens want to get a little closer to the rim?
Stephane Lasme - Panathinaikos Athens
7 Getting closer II?
Madrid ranks next-to-last in defending two-pointers (opponents make 57.9%) and seventh in defending three-pointers (opponents make 30.8%), yet opponents take relatively fewer twos than threes. Are they intimidated by Mirza Begic and Marcus Slaughter?
Mirza Begic - Real Madrid
8 Getting closer III?
Will Diamantidis, Michael Bramos and Jonas Maciulis - a combined 24 for 34 on two-pointers (70.5%) and 18 for 63 on three-pointers (28%) - decide to get closer to the basket against Madrid?
Jonas Maciulis - Panathinaikos Athens
9 Whose ball? 
Madrid ranks third in the Euroleague with 36 rebounds per game, Panathinaikos tied for fourth at 35.8 - a virtual tie. Who will win the all-important rebounding war on Thursday?
Marcus Slaughter - Real Madrid
10 Fan factor?
Can some of the loudest fans on the planet slow down Real Madrid and keep Panathinikos in the Top 16 qualification zone?
Panathinaikos fans in OAKA