Euroleague 2009-10, Qualifying Rounds Calendar

Jul 09, 2009 by Print
Qualifying Rounds

First Qualifying Round, Game 1, September 29, 2009
A- Spirou Basket Vs. Entente Orleanaise Loiret September 29, 2009
B- BK Ventspils Vs. Benetton Basket Gioco Digitale September 29, 2009
C- Le Mans Sarthe Basket Vs. Alba Berlin September 29, 2009
D- Aris BSA 2003 Vs. Maroussi BC September 29, 2009

First Qualifying Round, Game 2, October 2, 2009
A- Entente Orleanaise Loiret Vs. Spirou Basket October 2, 2009
B- Benetton Basket Gioco Digitale Vs. BK Ventspils October 2, 2009
C- Alba Berlin Vs. Le Mans Sarthe Basket October 2, 2009
D- Maroussi BC Vs. Aris BSA 2003 October 2, 2009

Second Qualifying Round, October 6-9, 2009
Winner Orleans-Spirou vs. winner Benetton-Ventspils
Winner Alba Berlin- Le Mans vs. winner Maroussi-Aris
Teams with a higher seed position granting access to the QR1 will play the second game at home.