EuroLeague week on Twitter

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HAPPY NEW YEAR: Different EuroLeague players had different ways of sending best wishes for the 2017. Here are some of them from the Twitter:



Всех 2017 годом !!!! #любви #здоровье #счастье

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I wish you all a happy and peaceful year 2017 !! #happynewyear #2017

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Happy new year to everybody

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Happy new year #2017

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Happy New Year everyone from Istanbul ! ❤️️

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H A P P Y N E W Y E A R❗️

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WARM WELCOME: With a new year, Deon Thompson has made a jump from Galatasaray to Crvena Zvezda, and received his first ovations.

GREAT SPIRIT: EA7 Milan's Bruno Cerella underwent a thumb surgery that could keep him away from the floor for about one month. But Cerella was in unusually good mood for someone who just went under the knife.

RELAX TIME: FC Barcelona Lassa duo of Justin Doellman and Brad Oleson might have been in the trainers’ room, while Fenerbahce's James Nunnally layed down in a sleeping pod, but all of them found ways to get much needed relaxation.


Time to relax before a new ✈ @jdoellman @bradoleson #bestfriends

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Shoutout to my guy @ozgurkirazci for showing me & my fam the @google experience today✊ #sleepingpod

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