Playoffs predictions: EuroLeague players

Apr 16, 2017 by Print
Playoffs predictions: EuroLeague players asked the players who went up against the eight playoff teams earlier this season to predict the results of each best-of-five series. Here are their answers:

Fabien Causeur, Brose Bamberg Juan Carlos Navarro, FC Barcelona Lassa Leo Westermann, Zalgiris Kaunas Davide Pascolo, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan
Fabien Causeur - Brose Bamberg - Media Day 2016 - EB16 Juan Carlos Navarro - FC Barcelona Lassa Leo Westermann - Zalgiris Kaunas Davide Pascolo - EA7 Emporio Armani Milan
Madrid 3-1 Darussafaka Madrid - Darussafaka Madrid 3-1 Darussafaka Madrid 3-0 Darussafaka
Both are very good on offense, but Madrid is more consistent. In Euroleague everything is possible. But we know that Madrid, with home-court advantage, is the main favorite. I think Madrid was the best team in the regular season. They have home-court advantage. Real is simply too much for Darussafaka.
CSKA 3-2 Baskonia CSKA - Baskonia CSKA 3-1 Baskonia CSKA 3-1 Baskonia
CSKA is a great team, but parts of my heart are with Baskonia. Baskonia has showed itself to be a very competitive team one more season. I'd go with CSKA, also the best team of the regular season with Madrid. It has home-court advantage, it is a very good team and knows how to play in this moment. CSKA is very tough but in Vitoria it's in for a tough challenge
Olympiacos 1-3 Efes Olympiacos - Efes Olympiacos 3-0 Efes Olympiacos 3-2 Efes
Efes is so athletic and Olympiacos is missing Lojeski, a big miss. I think it's the playoff that is most equal. Anything can happen. Olympiacos has a very strong defense. Efes is playing very well lately, but I think Olympiacos with home-court advantage and good fans will win 3-0. This series is going to be very close. Home court and Olympiacos's defense can be the key factors.
Panathinaikos 3-2 Fenerbahce Panathinaikos - Fenerbahce Panathinaikos 3-2 Fenerbahce Panathinaikos 3-2 Fenerbahce
This will be a really tight, but Pana is very solid the last two months. I have good friends there and I hope Xavi can beat Zeljko in this case. It is going to be a hell of a battle. I did not see that one coming. Two very athletic teams. Fenerbahce is very good, but Panathinaikos has home-court advantage and very good fans. I am very happy to see this matchup and can't predict. Both teams deserve it and are both very good. I guess it will be five games, and the last one…Pao wins at the buzzer. Another tough series, very close. Maybe home court will be decisive.

Guy Pnini, Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv Vladimir Micov, Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul
Guy Pnini - Maccabi Tel Aviv Vladimir Micov - Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul Media Day 2016 - EB16
Madrid 3-1 Darussafaka Madrid 3-1 Darussafaka
Real will win 3-1 because of its tradition. Of course Real Madrid has home-court advantage but in the regular season Darussafaka already beat Real Madrid in Istanbul. The regular season showed every team can beat any team. I think Real Madrid will win the series 3-1.
CSKA 3-0 Baskonia CSKA - Baskonia
CSKA will win 3-0 because they are the best in the Euroleague. Baskonia played really good basketball this year. It is going to be a tough series. CSKA will have the home-court advantage but they don't have fans. Therefore I don't count it as home-court advantage. I think Baskonia can make a surprise in Moscow. If they come to Vitoria 1-1 they will have a very good chance to make a big surprise.
Olympiacos 3-1 Efes Olympiacos - Efes
Olympiacos will win 3-1 because of its local players. I think both teams have equal chance to make it to the Final Four. It depends on Olympiacos if they play with their full roster. All season they had some injury problems. I think whoever makes a surprise on the road will have more chances to pass on to the Final Four.
Panathinaikos 1-3 Fenerbahce Panathinaikos - Fenerbahce
Fener will win 3-1 because of Obradovic. Panathinaikos is playing much better since they changed their coach. I also saw that the first two games are already sold out. Right now Panathinaikos has more chances to reach the Final Four because Fenerbahce lately doesn't play great basketball.