EuroLeague week on Twitter

Nov 04, 2017 by Print
EuroLeague week on Twitter

Some pictures, and a few tweets, really are worth a thousand words. For some it was a very fun week, for some quite emotional, and for others it looked like business as usual. Check out our selection of tweets from around the EuroLeague.

HE WANTS TO PLAY: Tired of rehabing, Valencia's Fernando San Emeterio wants to play really really bad! Barcelona’s Victor Claver knows the feeling, as he returned to the floor after 5 months.

(RA)DONCIC BROS: The two Madrid's super 18-year olds share a lot, including a majority of their last name.

HALLOWEEN TIME: Spaghetti Hines, Vampire Sergio and Minion Nando...Halloween is always fun.

HOMECOMING: Brose Bamberg's Luka Mitrovic was emotional going back home to face his old team. Crvena Zvezda made sure to make it a memorable night for its former captain, too.

THE NEW/OLD REBOUNDING KING: Madrid's Felipe Reyes is back atop the all-time rebounding rankings.

WINNERS' CORNER: It took only five rounds, but there is no more unbeaten teams in the EuroLeague this season. And 13 teams have at least two wins.