Andorra tackles gender violence with One Team

Dec 27, 2017 by Print
Andorra tackles gender violence with One Team

MoraBanc Andorra has taken the ambitious decision to use its first season working with One Team, Euroleague Basketball’s social responsibility program, to tackle a difficult but persistent issue in society: gender violence.

The 7DAYS EuroCup club has past experience with this problem thanks to a previous collaboration with the Andorran Government and their “#MaiPor25N” campaign, which was aimed at raising awareness and fighting against this scourge. Gabriel Fernandez, the club’s head of communications, commented: “Usually One Team projects tend to be aimed at bringing the joy of basketball and its practice to groups of people who can’t experience the game in their day to day lives.

“Since it is our first time participating in the project, we wanted to go a step further. And it’s with this purpose that a series of training courses have been initiated by the Ministry of Social Welfare (department of equality policies) with gender violence as the main protagonist.”

The members of the male and female teams at all levels of the club will be participating in workshops over the course of the season, and Jaume Tomas, the director of the club’s youth program, will be heavily involved in implementing the project.

“We feel we can make a real difference,” he said. “We don’t want the players that pass through our junior ranks to have the feeling that we teach them to play basketball and that’s it.

“These kids are here for many hours a season and a lot of them stay with the club for years. We watch them grow up and it’s very important that we take part in their education on and off the court and instill strong values like equality so they become great people as well as great players.”

As part of the program, during the half-time interval of the team’s Round 7 home game against Fiat Turin, two members of the junior team – Maria Sobany and Nil Peña – read a manifesto against gender violence to the fans inside the arena.

The activities will continue in the next few weeks, led by coaches Mireia Porras and Monica Alvarez. At the end of practices, mixed workshops are planned in which equality issues will be addressed and discussed.

“This isn’t the easiest subject to take on but I’m very happy with our effort,” concluded Tomas, adding: “The club must be open and ready to talk about everything with its younger players, including complicated issues like these.”

One Team, supported by Turkish Airlines as the One Team Founding Patron and with the collaboration of Special Olympics as Proud Partner, uses basketball to achieve meaningful social impact in our communities across Europe and is supported by every club in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup.

Since its founding in 2012, the One Team program has already helped more than 14,000 participants through its various team-focused projects.