Dolomiti Energia Trento
Community Cohesion & Disabilities & Substance Abuse/ ATAS & ANFFAS Trentino & CTS

Community Cohesion & Disabilities & Substance Abuse/ ATAS & ANFFAS Trentino & CTS

Ambassador: Toto Forray

Main Life Skills: Refugees Integration, Motivation, Self Confidence, Promotion of healthy lifestyle

About the program: Dolomiti Energia Basket Trento already works in partnership with a lot of local non-profit organizations inside a specific program called “Aquila Basket for no profit”.

- ATAS onlus welcomes, integrates and focuses on the social inclusion of migrants since 1989. The organization also works to provide shelter, homes and help for people, regardless their nationality.
- ANFFAS TRENTINO is an association founded in 1965 and works to protect the rights of people with disabilities, particularly those with intellectual, and their families.
- CENTRO TRENTINO DI SOLIDARIETA‘(CTS) has been working since 1984, primarily assisting people with addiction problems and / or personality disorders. Since 2000, it also runs a housing agency for AIDS patients. The main goal of the organization is to give a more customized answer to social and health services. CTS has been a partner of Aquila Basket since 2013.
- The focus of the Aquila Basket One Team project is “community cohesion”. The goals of the program are:
- To help people with different disabilities or inabilities or social problems meet and develop personal relationships. They tend to live in worlds rather closed and separated.
- To help the participants understand their actual and potential capabilities, and try to further develop them. The focus is not on “what I can’t do” but on “what I can or could do”. The ultimate goal is to reach awareness of the possibility of helping others.
- To promote a culture of self-help not only between homogenous groups but also between groups with different kinds of problems
- To improve motivation and self confidence in the participants.
- To make them feel part of a professional program.
The participants are between 18 and 40 years old of both genders and the program runs for between 16 and 20 participants. The sessions are held in a variety of locations – a gym in Trento, at the arena and in the club offices (according to the kind of activity). The sessions last 2 hours each.