Olimpia Milano, One Team spark change in Silvia's life

Aug 26, 2016 by Euroleague.net Print
Olimpia Milano, One Team spark change in Silvia's life

Life circumstances caused Silvia Parolini to fall into drugs. When her problems started getting worse, social workers took her daughter away from her and everyone around her started to forsake her. Until one day Silvia decided she had to act to turn her life upside down. That's when she approched Comunita Nuova reaching for help. There, they let her know about their One Team programme in conjunction with Olimpia Milano, which promised the help she needed. And it delivered.

The second One Team Programme of EA7 Emporio Armani Milan, developed with Comunita Nuova is dedicated to adults of all ages from the Centro Diurno Azimuth. The Centro Diurno Azimuth is aimed at consumers of legal and illegal psychoactive substances who intend to pursue a path of change. And the path that Silvia was to start walking on included 10 weekly sessions of basketball with Olimpia Milano that would help her get back on track.

The programme offers a space and tools to re-read their consumer experience and change their lifestyle through welcoming sessions, well-being and the promotion and development of the resources and personal relationships.

The path consists in an individualised therapeutic programme that is mainly based on the group as an educational tool, as a source of processes of self-knowledge and knowledge of others, active participation, relationships and change.

Silvia embraced the proposal of the project and she immediately felt a change in her life. Through sports she found a physical and mental haven that allows her to be less impulsive and more participatory while, at the same time, she has started to drop drug use. On top of that, she has started to re-link with her family plus she found a group of understanding people in a similar situation, which allow them to bond.

"It's like a family, thanks to One Team I rediscovered sports" Silvia said. "I understand the importance of sport in my life, and now I practice basketball and running, and sports help me to stay off drugs."

Now having finished its fifth year, One Team was created by Euroleague Basketball to use the power of basketball as a tool to integrate at-risk communities in 14 countries through grass-roots activities that have reached more than 10,000 participants to date thanks to the help of One Team Founding Patron Turkish Airlines.