Turkish Airlines Euroleague presents Eye of the Fan!

May 10, 2012 by Euroleague.net Print
Turkish Airlines Euroleague presents Eye of the Fan!
Turkish Airlines, official title sponsor of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four, is launching a new digital campaign with a highly innovative and exciting concept: Eye of the Fan. Until now, basketball enthusiasts have been following the Final Four through set camera angles and from their seats at the arena. The Eye of the Fan campaign brings them the Final Four viewed through the eyes of a basketball fanatic, a die-hard follower.

Eye of the Fan gets to hang out and interact with the event at its fullest, having unparalleled access to behind the scenes and moments that previously were out of reach for the fans. Turkish Airlines followers may dictate the actions of Eye of the Fan through the available social media channels. The entire Final Four adventure of Eye of the Fan will be broadcasted on the Turkish Airlines Facebook fan page. Those who wish to watch the Final Four through the eyes of Eye of the Fan and to recommend what he should do are invited to follow this adventure here at: