Enjoy every minute

May 13, 2011
Hi to everybody from Athens once more... Last time for this season... I am writing to you feeling happy... Just happy...

We have a target

May 01, 2011

Mind travel, to Barcelona

Apr 19, 2011
Hi to everybody from Athens! We're still here, still fighting to achieve our goals for this season... Which are actually the goals we set for every season, summed up in just...

This is a TEAM!

Apr 04, 2011
We haven't done anything yet… There are still two games to go… I know I started out without any intro, but this is exactly how we feel.

Heart and soul

Mar 25, 2011
I am writing to you a few hours after our big win in Spain against Barcelona. These last four days were tough, but we managed to get a smile on our face -- even if we know...

Preparing to put up a fight

Mar 15, 2011
Hi, to everybody! Two years after I was last here as a blogger, we meet again through the Euroleague website. I hope you are all OK… Some things have changed for sure -- for...
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