CJ rides again

May 02, 2013 by CJ Wallace - Barcelona, Spain Print
C.J. Wallace - Barcelona Regal - EB12_44781Alright Euroleague Nation, hello again from Barcelona, Spain. CJ Wallace rises up from the blog ashes like a blog phoenix to drop some face-melting knowledge and insight on the readers out there. Let's begin.

First things first, I am insanely jealous of the custom-made Olympiacos Beats that I recently saw on twitter. I am not sure who I need to talk to, but someone please forward my request to the powers that be and advise Dr. Dre or whoever is in charge over there that FC Barcelona Regal needs some love also. Thank you in advance to the people at Beats.

Moving right along, we are super pumped to be headed to London. I can't imagine two better semifinal games: we have our matchup with Madrid, a small Spanish rivalry (ha-ha), and then the rematch of last year's championship game on the other side of the bracket. Four great teams in the awesome city of London makes for a very exciting weekend that I personally am thrilled to be a part of.

We were able to earn our spot with an extremely difficult and physical series with Panathinaikos. I have to give a lot of credit to their team and their fans for an amazing series. My former teammate Mr. Bramos didn't want to miss any shots all series and Mr. Diamantidis spanked us twice with game-stealing clutch shots. But winning Game 4 in Athens in front of untold thousands of Greek fans was one of the most satisfying team wins of my career. Despite injuries, fatigue and a massive shooting slump from CJ Wallace, we were able to pull out the Game 4 and Game 5 wins and punch our ticket for London.

As is customary in all recent CJ Wallace blogs, I have some pop culture suggestions:

Song - Patrick Miller, "Dancing in London." This one should be obvious. Pretty good little tune here. I see it as the unofficial theme song of what all the teams want to do come May 12.

Youtube - I have spent the last week rehabbing my elbow. I'm not completely sure how magnetic fields and Ultrasound contribute to the healing, but I know they require long periods of time where you don't really move. Other than responding to my wonderful mom's texts – "Which hotel are the families in?”, "Is Mrs. Huertas coming?", "Did you remember to get us tickets?", "Do i have to sleep in the same room with Stewart?", and many others – I have found that the best way to pass the time is watching sweet videos on Youtube. (Try to follow the advanced technical talk here.) I basically searched for "awesome" and arranged my results by most viewed. There is a video called "People are Awesome 2013" with 68 million views that is very legit and I kinda dig the song that plays in the background. Check it out.

Before checking out, I would like to give a little shout-out to Pete Mickeal. Pete unfortunately won't be able to play with us in London because of some health problems. As a player, Pete has probably been the best three-man in Europe over the past five or six years. And as a person, he has been just as good. We will miss him dearly and wish him the best in his recovery. You the man, Pete.

There ya go. A quick little blog entry for the Euroleague fans. I've missed you guys dearly ;) I hope to see you all dancing in London. Som-hi Barça,

P.S. Mom, I love your texts. Keep sending them. ;)