Welcome to the Euroleague American Tour!

Oct 04, 2012 by Matt Janning - Rome, Italy Print
Matt Jenning - Montepaschi SienaThe excitement around the trip we are on now to the United States is very high for everyone within the Montepaschi Siena club. A few players and staff have never been to the USA before, others who have are ready for another trip and, of course, the American players like me are very excited about being home for the short period.

Doing a trip like this is both beneficial and tough at the same time. We get a great opportunity to play against two very high-level, highly talented teams. Both games will help in our preparation to play against the best opponents Europe has to offer. At the same time, it’s a long trip and right before we open the Turkish Airlines Euroleague with a very important match against Alba Berlin to start the regular season. Our coaches have reminded us that our focus remains on getting better each day and continuing to use each trip and each day as a way to build up for the important jobs we have to do in the Euroleague and the Italian League.

Most of the talk about this upcoming trip was about what everyone was going to buy and primarily, how many bags they planned on bringing back to Italy. Whether it be sneakers, candy, movies or the latest Apple products, there was a wide range of things discussed. The other hot topic was food. Many of the guys in our locker room have their favorite American restaurants, which I’m sure we will find time to explore.

Some of us will also have opportunity to see some family and friends. Most of us Americans will have family around when we play either San Antonio on Saturday or Cleveland on Monday. but also some of the European guys who have spent time in the U.S. before will get a chance to see some old friends as well.

I am writing this from Rome, where we went from Siena the night before our transatlantic flight. Our first stop in the U.S. will be Charlotte, North Carolina, where we will switch planes and then make our way to San Antonio. Most of the guys have never been to San Antonio, including me. So we're just looking forward now to beginning this quick trip back to the States! Arrividerchi Italia! Welcome to the USA!