Strong on the road!

Jan 21, 2014 by Bostjan Nachbar - Barcelona, Spain Print
Bostjan Nachbar, FC BarcelonaHello, Euroleague fans, this is once again Boki Nachbar of FC Barcelona. As we speak, we are getting ready to face Unicaja Malaga after we had three consecutive wins in the Top 16. We just beat Olympiacos on the road and it was a great team win. We had great performances by Juan Carlos Navarro and Brad Oleson, who was really big in the end. You can't win games like this, especially on the road, without the whole team contributing, and we did that. It was really good to follow up the win against Fenerbahce Ulker with another road win. It proves that we can win games on the road. It is something we struggled with earlier this season but it is not the case now in the Top 16. We raised the bar and that is definitely a positive thing.

It is possibly the best moment for us this season. Still, the season is so long and the moments when you fight for championships are still far away. It is a little bit too early to talk about best moments. Like I've said many times before, winning championships is a long process but we definitely believe that we are going, step by step, in the right direction. If you look at where we were earlier this season, we are more consistent now. We are at the point in which we can make a big step forwards by winning three games in a row now and hopefully extend this streak to four, five and so on... That would be something that would mean a lot to us.

Having Brad and Erazem Lorbek back is very big for us; they bring a lot to this team. Besides the fact that they are experienced, they are guys who you can rely on late in the games and give special assignments to. They add depth to our team and make us more dangerous. We believe that if we miss one or two players at this point, we can beat anybody. That's how we feel and we proved it. We played without Juan Carlos in Istanbul and were able to pull out a win. That is definitely a sign that we have a deep rotation and that makes us extremely dangerous as a team.

I used to watch a lot of TV series when we go on the road but right now, I am like in between series. I don't know which one to start watching - I even asked on Twitter about it. I heard that the new HBO series True Detective is supposed to be good, so I might start watching that one. I listen to some music but I mostly listen to podcasts. I like a few American podcasts which are my daily companion on the road. They made road trips much shorter for me!

Tablets have changed the life of basketball players on the road. If you compare the situation now with the one 10 years ago, things are very different. Back then, players used to bring CDs with them - a CD book to carry many of them and put them in your CD player. Now everybody travels with a little iPhone that probably has 100 times more music than any CD book! A lot of times, players going to the games wear headphones and listen to their music to focus. It is a trend that you see with basketball players - and many other athletes, for sure.

We play at home against Unicaja this week. We lost against them earlier this season. They beat in the Spanish League, a loss that definitely hurt us. Personally, I don't look at it as a revenge game. Every game is a different chapter and it demands a different focus. For me, basically, I just look at it as Round 4 of the Top 16. Still, we know Unicaja is a direct rival for playoffs spots and there will be no friends on the court. It is going to be a battle, especially because they have beaten us, which will make them more confident. But we will be confident as well because we are 3-0 in the Top 16. I expect a very tough, interesting match. We will see what happens.

Unicaja is playing pretty well right now. They are a team that plays with a lot of energy. They have guys who want to prove themselves and are playing with a lot of confidence. It seems that they like to play with each other a lot and that makes them a very dangerous team. The fact that this is a Spanish team proves how strong the Spanish League is. There are a lot of Spanish teams playing well in top European competitions. It is going to be interesting to face them again - I am sure it will be one of the best games this week!

I think we've had pretty good support the whole year. At the same time, our fans are educated and know when it is the most important time of the year - and that's slowly coming. I am sure more and more people will come to Palau Blaugrana to support us in the big games coming up. They have been really supportive - when we struggled a little bit early in the season, they encourage us. I am always very thankful for that!