A long way from home

Oct 03, 2013 by Stratos Perperoglou - Sao Paolo, Brazil Print
Stratos Perperoglou - Olympiacos Piraeus EB13Hello everyone. I’m back writing to you, but this time it’s really far away from home. I am in Brazil with my teammates from Olympiacos where we will face Pinheiros Sky of Sao Paulo in the revival of the Intercontinental Cup. This is a really special way to start our season. I’m excited to be a part of this event between two top clubs in the basketball world. I have not really had many opportunities to learn much about South American basketball and I am looking forward to it.

I cannot say that I know much about our opponents, but I am confident that they will be a strong team. I can say that based on the fact that Brazil was a finalist at the recent Americas championships this summer and because I have always been impressed by the Brazilian players that have come over to the Euroleague. Maybe the next Marcelinho Huertas or Tiago Splitter is waiting for us on this Pinheiros team. And besides, if this team was the best in South America last season, they must be pretty good.

We are happy to bring the name Olympiacos to the fans here in Brazil. I understand that many fans here follow the Euroleague and are familiar with Olympiacos, which makes this visit even more fun for us. Of course, just like every time we travel, we will some fans in red cheering us on. It always amazes me to see fans supporting us wherever we visit, even here halfway across the globe. It is a blessing to play for Olympiacos. We truly have the best fans.

I think one of the best parts of this trip is the opportunity to get extra time in a new setting as a team. Everyone that has seen Olympiacos play knows that what has made this team so good in recent seasons is the togetherness and chemistry. This season we welcome a few new guys to the mix. Getting to travel here with Cedric Simmons, Brent Petway, Matt Lojeski, Mirza Begic, Ioannis Papapetrou, Bryant Dunston, Dimitris Agravanis and Antreas Christodoulou gives us all some extra bonding time together. These experiences – the flights, sightseeing, eating together – will leave us with inside jokes, new nicknames and plenty of stories that, belive it or not, will ultimately bring us closer on the court too. Maybe I’ll even share some of the stories with you guys next time! ;)

I don’t know how many of you will get to watch our games this weekend (especially considering the six-hour time difference from Athens), but I hope you enjoy what you see. This feels like our final big test run with the start of the Euroleague just around the corner. What could be better than coming home to Athens with the Intercontinental Cup!