Fabien Causeur, Madrid: 'When you win, you want to win again!'

Oct 17, 2018 by Fabien Causeur - Madrid, Spain Print
Fabien Causeur, Madrid: 'When you win, you want to win again!'

One player who will never forget 2018 is Real Madrid shooting guard Fabien Causeur. Causeur played some of the best basketball of his career at the 2018 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four, helping Madrid win its 10th continental crown and his first. Madrid went on to take the Spanish League and Spanish SuperCup titles. And in between all the trophies, Causeur got married over the summer. Madrid has not won consecutive EuroLeague titles since 1968 and that is the next goal for Causeur and his teammates. Causeur will be Madrid's EuroLeague.net's blogger for a second consecutive season, so stay tuned!

We have been playing well and with a lot of confidence since winning the Spanish Supercup, starting the season in the best way possible. We didn't have injuries, just some players out for a couple of days and stuff like that. We have a great group of players again, and with everybody back, we are ready to defend our EuroLeague title. We had a good game against Darussafaka, but after that we have to get better. It was good to start the EuroLeague season with a win in front of our home crowd. Sergio Llull has already proved that he is playing as if he never got injured, or even better than before. We saw some flashes of him in the Final Four in Belgrade and now that he is 100%, you can tell that his speed is the same. He is feeling great and we are happy to have him back at this level, because he is our leader on and off the court.

"You remember what happened and want to be there again, celebrating with your teammates."

I am not surprised about Sergio hitting those crazy shots of his – not anymore. If you see the video against Darussafaka and that big basket at the end of the third quarter, the whole bench was already celebrating before the ball went in. We already had our hands in the air, knowing it was going in! It is always impressive and right now, he makes me laugh more than anything else. It has become normal for him to score that kind of shot, and it is great to watch. I have not seen him practice half-court shots and stuff like that. He works a lot on his shot, but this is pure talent. I can practice a shot like that all day, but hitting it in a game is really tough. Very few guys can do that! They should make a video with all his crazy shots - I think they did it when he got hurt and there were so many of them that it was like 10 minutes long. I remember he hit a game-winner against us when I was with Brose Bamberg. I remember it very well. It is painful but I played so many games against him that I thought. "Oh, man, that was a tough shot, but it is Llull." I was on the bench during that play and had eye contact with Jeffrey Taylor. He was smiling and it made me smile, too. It is always him! It hurts and sometimes you just laugh because it can't be – but he does it anyway!

It was a big summer for me – I got married! After we won the EuroLeague, we stayed busy and ended up winning the Spanish League title, too. Three days later, I was with the national team, played two games, and eight days later I was getting married! I had to prepare everything with my wife. It was a pretty busy summer until we got married, you know? It was a great celebration with friends and family, really nice after a great season. I believe it was the best party of my life! And the next day, we went to the Maldives. After so much stress, we wanted to be in our honeymoon all alone, and that is what happened. It was great. As for the wedding itself, it was 45 minutes away from Madrid, a very nice place, not very famous, a typical Spanish place. My wife is from Madrid, so we wanted to do it around here. I invited a lot of ex-teammates: Boris Diaw and Edwin Jackson from our national team; a lot of my current teammates in Madrid; almost the entire Bamberg team from two-three years ago; and guys from Vitoria, too. Of course, all of my best French friends were there, too. Very nice wedding with 150 people!

"This season, I'll think twice before giving my jersey to anyone."

So, this is my first season as a reigning EuroLeague champion. I don't kiss the trophy every morning anymore but I may start to do it, because I love it so much. It is in my living room and I see it every day. That is a motivation for me, because I want to put another of those trophies beside this one. When you win, you want to win again. I won two titles with Bamberg, then I came here, won the EuroLeague and the Spanish League with Madrid, and now I want to win all the time. You starve for it, it is a motivation. You remember what happened and want to be there again, celebrating with your teammates, and put another trophy in the living room. Some people wonder what's next after winning a lot, and that is winning it again. Also, it is super nice to wear that golden logo in our jersey. I believe that, this season, I'll think twice before giving my jersey to anyone, because this is very nice! It is pressure, but when you are with Real Madrid, everybody wants to beat you, anyway. This is the pressure this club always has, but yes, they will be playing against the champions now, and I know how motivated I was when I played against Fenerbahce last season. They were the champions, and as a competitor you want to go against the best and beat them. Our group of guys is ready for this.

Like I said, we are in a good moment right now but I believe that if you want to be a champion, you have to suffer and go through bad moments during the season – and we know it. We had many injuries last season and it was tough to go through all those moments. I'm pretty sure we will have to suffer again this season. You don't become a EuroLeague champion without going through bad moments. No team can dominate the EuroLeague easily, go to the Final Four and beat everyone easily. This is not possible. We have to keep playing good, with confidence, and remember this level of confidence when we will have bad moments. It is impossible to play great basketball all season. We have to remember how we did it in the past and that will be helpful. What I like about this team is that we have great chemistry and already won the EuroLeague together. That will help us go through a lot of problem and, hopefully, we will have the same result.