Fabien Causeur, Real Madrid: 'My five favourite TV series of all-time'

Jan 01, 2019 by Euroleague.net Print
Fabien Causeur, Real Madrid: 'My five favourite TV series of all-time'

It is a long basketball season, so a lot of players watch a lot of TV series and movies. I don't consider myself an expert, but I watch a lot of series during our many travels. Lately, I have been trying to force myself to read books at least once a month just to do something different. You always need to work on your knowledge, not just watch TV shows and I have read some interesting books lately.

Still, this blog entry is about TV series, because EuroLeague.net asked me to pick my five favourite TV series of all-time. This is very difficult! Just choosing my five favourites is tough, but ranking them in order is nearly impossible, so I will just give the name of five really good series and mention some others after that.

I do have a number one, though, and that has to be Game of Thrones. I am sure this is not a surprise for a lot of people. For me, Game of Thrones is huge, I have seen it twice. It is kind of complicated in the beginning, but then, when you get into it, you are nervous while watching every episode because you don't know what may happen; your favourite character can die in any moment! It is a great show. New Game of Thrones-related books came out with the action set 100 years before the series when dragons were the big bosses on Earth. I am really thinking about reading these books because I am not sure they will make a TV show or a movie out of it.

"Last season, during the Final Four, I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep, so watching a good series like Game of Thrones helps you do something different."

So, Game of Thrones is my favourite show and its final season is coming in April. I can't wait! It will be six or seven episodes of 90 minutes each, like a movie every week. It will be intense, for sure. Everybody is waiting to see why the bad guy is doing what he does. There are theories about everything all over the Internet. Last season, during the Final Four, I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep, so watching a good series like Game of Thrones helps you do something different. Everybody on the team watches the show; the last one was Facu Campazzo. He is in Season 5 right now. When he told me he had not watched it, I forced him to do so. After the first three episodes, you want to quit, but then you get into it and watch it non-stop, like anyone else.

Another good series is Power. I like it a lot, and it features 50 Cent. It is about one guy on the streets of New York who wants to build his own empire. In the beginning, he starts cleaning money with this club in New York, really nice and fancy. He comes back to his hood, then he falls in love with a woman... 50 Cent acts in the show and is really badass. That is his role in every movie, more or less. He always plays a bad guy role and does it very well. It is a nice TV show because you see nice cars, nice people and it is really intense - a lot of drama.

The next one I have in my head is Rick and Morty. There are going to be a lot of seasons and I really believe that the guy who made it is a genius. It is so much fun; it is crazy, but smart at the same time. Othello Hunter is the one who introduced me to Rick and Morty. If you like cartoons, you will love it, I am sure. I am a huge fan. My Final Four shoes last season, I don't know if you noticed, was Rick with the EuroLeague trophy in his hands. It is a very nice show. It is about a grandfather who is a scientist, the best in the world, a supersmart guy and his grandson is trying to go school, trying to be a nice guy, but his grandpa is grumpy and tries to keep him away from all that, bringing him to other galaxies and stuff like that. They talk a lot of trash about other shows, too. When you don't have anything to do and you want to have some fun, Rick and Morty is top.

Causeur custom-made Final Four shoes

Then I have to say The Wire, an old show, which is really, really good. It is definitely in my top five. It is amazing, and when you see lists of the best series, The Wire is always up there, number one or two. I remember I recommended it to my sister two years ago; I told her it was an old series, but a must-watch one, too. She watched it and loved it. Unlike Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty, The Wire is very, very real. It is scary at the same time, sometimes you cannot believe that things like that can happen.

Of course, Breaking Bad has to be in any series list. It is amazing! When they did the Breaking Bad casting, Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, was supposed to die in Season 1, but he did so well and his connection with Bryant Cranston - who played Walter White - was so strong that they decided to keep him alive after that, to keep the character going. It is crazy! The actors are all great and even when it starts slow, it grows and grows, step by step. The action is more and more exciting and at the end, its final season is top, awesome, unbelievably intense. And the ending is great, the way a great series is supposed to finish, unlike others like Dexter or Lost. I remember watching Dexter every week and what I saw the way it ended, I was so mad!

There are many good series out there. I love Entourage, one of my favourites. Ari Gold is a great character. Suits, The Sopranos, The Simpsons - Homer is amazing even though every character is great, and many others. There are a lot of good series out there! If you haven't seen some of these, do it now – and tell me about it if you see me on a EuroLeague court. Happy Holidays, EuroLeague fans!