2007-08 Euroleague Draw levels and procedure

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With just days remaining until the 2007-08 Euroleague Draw, each team already knows at least two others it will not have to meet in the regular season that starts in October. That's because the seeding chart for the draw, which divides the 24 teams into eight levels of three teams each, is already in the hands of the clubs. The seeding system is used to avoid the possibility that the luck of the draw will land the top teams from the 2006-07 Euroleague into the same first-round group next season.

The main criteria for the seeding levels is team performance during the the last Euroleague season, starting with teams who had the best results in the Final Four, Quarterfinal and Top 16. The list of seeding levels shows, therefore, that the three top teams from last spring's Final Four - champion Panathinaikos, runner-up CSKA Moscow and third-place Unicaja - cannot face each other when the three regular season groups of eight teams each are selected on Saturday at the draw in Jesolo, Italy which begins at 16:15 CET.

Among the limitations built into the draw process is a prohibition on teams from the same country being selected into the same regular season group, except in the cases of Italy and Spain, who have four teams each. By necessity, one pair of Spanish teams and one pair of Italian teams will be drawn together. No group can have both of those pairs, however.

1st level
2nd level
3rd level
4th level
5th level
6th level
7th level
8th level

The criteria and procedure for the 2007-2008 Regular Season Draw will follow the guidelines approved by the General Assembly.




* The draw will be held according to levels. 


-    The 24 teams will be divided into eight levels of three teams each,  in accordance with the final standings of Euroleague Basketball, ULEB Cup, and national competitions in the 2006-2007 season as follows.


-    Starting at level 1, Euroleague Basketball repeating teams are placed first, according to the team ranking in the previous Euroleague Basketball season.


-    Next, we place the new teams that have participated in the previous ULEB Cup season, according to the ranking in this competition, starting with the ULEB Cup champion.


-    Lastly, we place the teams that did not participate in any ULEB competition in the previous season. The order in which they are placed is based upon the ranking in Euroleague Basketball of the team from their country that did not qualify for the following season.


Attached you will find the composition of the levels.


Restrictions for the Group Draw


The restrictions when drawing the teams for the groups are the following:


-    2 teams from the same country cannot coincide in the same Regular Season group, except for the countries with 4 teams (Italy and Spain).


-    Each group will have 1 team from Greece (3 representatives) and at least 1 team from Italy and 1 from Spain.


-    The 2 pairs of teams from the same country (Italy and Spain) will not coincide in the same group.


The procedure to be applied to the Draw in Jesolo is the following:


Procedure of the Group Draw


-    The levels will be drawn successively from the 1st to the 8th until all 24 teams have been selected.


-    As the teams are drawn, they will be placed in the next available spot in the order Group A, Group B, Group C.


-    If there is an incompatibility in the group into which a team is drawn based on any of the restrictions described, the team will move to the next available spot where there is no incompatibility following the order A-B-C-A-B-C.


-    If there is an incompatibility in the group into which a team is drawn based on any of the restrictions described, the team will move to the next available spot where there is no incompatibility following the order A-B-C-A-B-C.


-    In the case that there is no available compatible spot, that team will exchange places with the first team of the same level which can be interchanged without causing any incompatibilities, following the order A-B-C-A-B-C.


-    If the only possible compatible spot for the team drawn, causes a new incompatibility with the exchanged team, this new incompatibility will be resolved following the same procedure and order A-B-C-A-B-C until all incompatibilities are resolved.


-    The coincidence of teams from the same country will not be allowed until the 4th team from the country in question (Italy and Spain) is drawn.


Drawing the teams from the countries with 4 representatives, as explained above, will allow all restrictions to be respected entirely and will eliminate all possibilities of a blocked situation. 





When the Group Draw has concluded, and all 3 groups (A, B, and C) are completed, we will proceed with the Regular Season Calendar Draw as stated below:


A.   The pairings calendar for the Regular Season will be drawn by allocating numbers from 1 to 8 to the teams of each group. This will establish the match-ups for the entire Regular Season.


B.   The Regular Season games will be held according to the following chart:



Competition Date

8-4      5-3      6-2      7-1


Competition Date


Competition Date

1-8      2-7      3-6      4-5


Competition Date


Competition Date

8-5      6-4      7-3      1-2


Competition Date


Competition Date

2-8      3-1      4-7      5-6


Competition Date


Competition Date

8-6      7-5      1-4      2-3


Competition Date


Competition Date

8-3      4-2      5-1      6-7


Competition Date


Competition Date

7-8      1-6      2-5      3-4


Competition Date


Non-coincidence numbers(when one team plays at home, the other plays away): 1 with 5; 2 with 6; 3 with 8; 4 with 7.


Restrictions for the Calendar Draw


-    The designated Euroleague Basketball Opening Game, will be held on October 22, 2007. Specific number will be allocated to the teams participating in the Opening Game. 


-    Teams playing in the same arena, (Efes Pilsen Istanbul and  Fenerbahce Ülker): The non-coincidence number will be allocated to teams that play in the same arena, so that when one team plays at home the other will play away.


-    Teams playing in the same city: (Olympiacos Piraeus and Panathinaikos Athens): The non-coincidence number will be allocated to teams that play in the same city, so as to ensure that a Euroleague Basketball game is held in that city every week, instead of two games in the same week.


Procedure of the Schedule Draw


-      Before the draw starts, the teams playing in the Opening Game will be assigned specific numbers. The Home Team of the Opening Game will be assigned number 6, and number 2 will be allocated to the team of the first level of the same group.


-      There will be three draws, one per group.


-      The order in which the groups are drawn will be determined by the number of teams with restrictions.


-      The group with the greatest number of teams with restrictions will be drawn first, followed by the group with the next greatest number of restrictions, and continuing in that order until all groups have been drawn.


-      If there is more than one group with the same number of teams with restrictions, the groups will be drawn following the order A-B-C.

-      The numbers to be drawn will be allocated following the order of the levels (from 1st to 8th). The teams with a restriction will be drawn first. The non-coincidence number will then be automatically allocated to its incompatible counterpart whether in the same group or in another. The group will then continue to be drawn following the same procedure as long as there are still teams with restrictions. Lastly, the last numbers will be allocated according to the order of levels (from 1st to 8th).


-      If a number cannot be assigned to a restricted team (because the non-coincidence number has already been assigned), the number drawn will jump to the first available team,following the order and procedure of the draw. 


-      If a group has no restrictions, the order of the numbers drawn will be according to the levels (from 1st to 8th).