Post-draw comments

Jun 30, 2007 by Print

Ettore Messina - Euroleague Basketball Draw 2007-08 Fenerbahce Ulker head coach Bogdan Tanjevic:

"Like always in this draw, the three groups are really strong, I cannot say one or another is better than the rest. What we have to do is to prepare a good team and try to stay halethy for the season. Apart from that I am optimistic, as always."

CSKA Moscow head coach Ettore Messina:

"It is a tough group for us, like all the other years. I think we will be facing real contenders for the final title like Tau Ceramica or Olympiacos, plus also really strong teams like Prokom Trefl. There will be no easy games for us, especially on the road. We are starting to build an even stronger roster for next year, but our first goal has to be always to make the Top 16."

Lottomatica Roma head coach, Jasmin Repesa:

"It is a very tough group I think, because we will be facing teams like Panathinaikos, Barcelona or Real Madrid. You can only think of a tough group when you have those teams in there. As every year, for us it will be hard and difficult."

Partizan head coach Dusan Vujosevic:

"I am not so happy with our Group C. I think it is the strongest of the three. Not by much, but it is. We have the two best teams in the Spanish League, Real Madrid and Winterthur FCB, plus the Euroleague champion Panathinaikos. All in all, there are six national champs in our group. The calendar will not be easy for us but we have to be happy to be able to play at this level once again. We'll have to do our best."

Winterthur FC Barcelona general manager Zoran Savic:

"I think we fell in the most difficult group. There are six country champions, but for us the important thing is to be in the Top 16. I think Group B is the easiest, and A is also really tough. We have to focus on playing well and being in the Top 16."

David Blatt - Euroleague Basketball Draw 2007-08Efes Pilsen head coach David Blatt:

"It was an exciting draw. I think it is a great group for Efes, which is becoming an historical team in this competition. For me, the three groups are surprisingly even, not like in other years, when you could point to one group and say that was the strongest, at least on paper. I think they are all balanced, and that is because the Euroleague is getting better year after year and the level of the competition is more even than ever."

Unicaja general manager Juanma Rodriguez:

"It is a tough group for us. After making history with our first Final Four qualification last year, we have to focus again on making the Top 16. Maccabi, Aris, Efes Pilsen, Cibona... they are all strong and historic teams in Europe. It will not be easy for us. It will be tough but with our fans at home, we'll try to reach as far as last season."

Montepaschi Siena head coach Simone Pianigiani:

"The Euroleague is always tough, you know. You don't have to think too much about the rivals. Our club is happy to be back in the Euroleague and we do not worry much about therivals. We have to be ready to do well and most of all, take it step by step. First, we'll try to be in the Top 16 and after that, we'll start again."

Lietuvos Rytas head coach Aleksandar Trifunovic:

"All groups are competitive. I cannot be precise about the teams because they are still building their rosters. Now I can say that we will be satisfied if we make the Top 16 in our second Euroleague participation. I think we have our chances."

Union Olimpija head coach Memi Becirovic:

"It is a super tough group for us. There are a lot of good teams. Our goal is to make the Top 16, like every year. We know we will have to work hard, but at home we will have our crowd and that has to help us against all the good teams that will come to Ljubljana. I hope we play good basketball, most of all."

Olympiacos general manager Christos Stavropoulos:

"It is not an easy group for us. We must ignore the team names right now, as they are all trying to build a new roster for the next season. I can say we will not have easy trips, no direct flights, but apart from that it is a tough group anyway in a tough competition. We'll be ready and we'll try to reach the Final Four in Madrid."

Joan Plaza - Euroleague Basketball Draw 2007-08Real Madrid head coach Joan Plaza:

"We know we will be facing terrific teams in our group. Panathinaikos, the current European champ, or Winterthur FC Barcelona come to mind. I think it's better to face those kinds of teams at the beginning than at the end. We will have to go day by day and try to make a steady way."

Maccabi Elite head coach Oded Kattash:

"David Blatt is coming to Nokia Arena and that's going to be very nice. It didn't matter to me that much in which group we'll play, because we are Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv and here the target is clear, to always aim to the highest place possible, no matter if the group is easy, average or tough. Maybe we didn't get many big and tough opponents in the first stage, but that means that we'll meet them in the next stage. On paper, the strongest teams in our group are Unicaja, that surely will build a good team because the Final Four is in Spain this year, and Blatt's Efes Pilsen."

Zelimir Obradovic, Panathinaikos head coach

"Our group has five domestic league champions, besides us. It's a really interesting pool and we are looking forward to competing. There are many good and tough teams to play, but we are the Euroleague Champions and we have to defend our title. It needs to be on the alert during the whole Euroleague season, because mistakes is hard to overcome in a competition of such a level."

Fragiskos Alvertis, Panathinaikos captain

"There are no good or bad draws. That’s a fact. Maybe other teams care, but we don't think like that. We are Panathinaikos, the reigning Euroleague champions, and we don't have to be afraid of anyone or anything."

Sani Becirovic, Panathinaikos guard

"That's a good draw for us, despite the fact we have to face really tough teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Roma. But, playing in Euroleague against any team of the competition demands attention and concentration. It's really too early for predictions considering that the rosters are not finalized yet. We have to wait."

Simone Pianigiani - Euroleague Basketball Draw 2007-08Pini Gershon, Olympiacos head coach

"It's better to face the tough teams early in the competition than play them at alater stage. Usually, when you deal with the good teams in the first round, things become easier later on. All the teams of our group are good ones. No matter of the group, the truth is that we cannot estimate the strength of each team right now as all the teams are now building their rosters. We have to wait for about a month in order to get some conclusions. The schedule is good for the team and our fans too, and that makes us happy. I think that this year Prokom Trefl will be the team to surprise us."

Sergio Scariolo, Unicaja head coach

"Although experience tells us that what's more important are the Top 16 groups, if you reach that far, the fact of being a top seed in our gorup has helped us have a first phase a little less difficult than in other years. We play an historic team like Maccabi among a group of good and really good teams. We'll begin where we ended last season, against Aris in Thessaloniki, and we'll finish at home against Efes Pilsen in a game that already looks from here like an important one."

Berni Rodríguez, Unicaja captain

"We've landed with some difficult teams, as in any of the groups in this competition, and we also have some difficult trips, to Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Zagreb. But we look forward to this Euroleague with great hope as we do in all the years we have played in it."