New offensive rebound rule speeds game flow

Oct 15, 2014 by Print
Euroleague Basketball

With the start of the 2014-15 season in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague and Eurocup, a new rule that helps improve the pace of the games will come into force. Starting this week, after all offensive rebounds, the shot clock will be reset to 14 seconds instead of the previous 24 seconds. The rule, conceived at the Euroleague Basketball Rules Summit in July 2012, at which coaches, players, referees, club executives and other stakeholders participated, is meant to speed up the game rhythm.

The same rule has been adopted by FIBA in all its competitions from now forward. The new FIBA rule (Article 29) states: "After the ball has touched the ring on an unsuccessful shot for a field goal, a last or only free throw, or on a pass, the shot clock shall be reset to 14 seconds, if the team which regains control of the ball is the same team that was in control of the ball before the ball touched the ring."

If a team gets a defensive rebound, the shot clock will reset to 24 seconds, as always. The new rule only applies to offensive rebounds and makes the attacking team organize its offense quickly, increasing the speed of the game.

A similar standard was applied with the reinstatement of jump balls in contested possession situations in Euroleague Basketball games last season. When a jump ball is won by the team that is in its offensive end of the court and had possession prior to the jump, the clock is reset to 14 seconds if that team gains possession again.