Fran Vazquez sets new blocked shots record

Jan 14, 2010 by Print
Fran Vazquez - Regal FCB, Shaun Stonerook - Montepaschi Siena The Euroleague Basketball record for blocked shots was broken when Fran Vazquez of Regal F.C. Barcelona added 3 more to his previous total of 125 record to beat the former record of 126 blocks by Denis Marconato of Montepaschi Siena, his former teammate and opponent on Thursday. The 26-year-old Barcelona center needed just 109 games with an average of 1.2 blocks per game to become the best shot-blocker of the decade in Europe's top competition.

The all-time blocks leaders are:

Fran Vazquez - 128 blocks in 109 games.
Denis Marconato - 126 blocks in 174 games.
Marcus Goree - 120 blocks in 119 games.
Nikola Vujcic - 117 blocks in 165 games.
Aleksey Savrasenko - 115 blocks in 144 games.