Coaches, players speak on new competition format

Oct 11, 2016 by Print
Coaches, players speak on new competition format

Brose Bamberg

Nikos Zisis

"When you hear the anthem of Euroleague, this is it! The years are passing by but you still feel the same excitement. This year we have the new format which is something we are all curious to find out about. For sure it's challenging and there are some moments when we're going to feel bad, all the teams, it's going to be a struggle at times playing so many games and travelling so much. But playing against the best teams, in the best arenas, against all those great players, is a blessing especially as the years are passing by. [At my age] you know you're not going to do it forever, so I will really enjoy and cherish the moment I'm going to live this season in Euroleague."

Janis Strelnieks

"For me, of course, I always wanted to play against the best players and the best teams. And also, for fans, I think they deserve it. They come to every game, domestic league, EuroLeague, does not matter. They always come here and support, spend their time here. I am also really happy for them that they will see the best teams in Europe here in Bamberg."

Andrea Trinchieri

"I am always concerned by expectations but we are very proud to play against the best 15 teams in Europe. It's a huge challenge and we will have to strive for excellence to survive."

Baskonia Vitoria Gasteiz

Kim Tillie

"It is very exciting the new format of the EuroLeague that every team in Europe will come and play here. And it is very exciting for the fans, of course, to know that. And they will be here to support us every game, I have confidence in that. Because they were amazing the last two years. That gave us a lot of confidence to play."

Darussafaka Dogus Istanbul

David Blatt

"I think it's fantastic. It's great for the competitiveness, the fan interest and the long term goals and vision of Euroleague. I'm very happy with the format and I'd love to see it expanded a little bit, but I certainly think this will be a special year for Euroleague basketball. I believe that Euroleague Basketball is the highest level, in terms of quality, vision and marketing and all the things that go into making this great product for fans. I'm very interested to see how it comes out and perhaps to see even more in the future."

FC Barcelona Lassa

Justin Doellman

"You are playing more games, and you are playing, top to bottom, everybody. So the travel schedule will be little more difficult, and it will be challenging, but at the same time this is why you come to Barcelona. You come here to play the best, to be part of this. And to be part of the new format is a great honor. It's exciting."

Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul

Sinan Guler

"It gives me goose bumps. Because it's kind of like being part of something new. It is exciting, because not only we are going to play in some tough environments, we going to see a lot of beautiful cities. And I am hoping all the teams feel the same way, especially for Istanbul."

Olympiacos Piraeus

Georgios Printezis

"For sure, it will be much bigger. Now you have to be concentrated from the first game. You gotta give your best. Sometimes you will be tired, sometimes you will have two or three travels per week. So, there is no excuse. It will be more interesting, for the fans and for the organization."

Vassilis Spanoulis

"It is something new for everybody. Does not matter the experience we have, but it is something we didn't play until now. Usually when season start in Euroleague, you expect to be in top shape Christmas time, when Top 16 was coming. Now, this is not true now. We have to from first game be ready. From the first game wins count. Maybe it will be February and March, and we will say oh, it would be very god if we won this game in October. Every game counts, every game is important. Every win you collect you put it in the box, so you collect more points to be in the top eight teams. So, you have to be ready."

Giannis Sfairopoulos

"The new format is very exciting, first of all for the fans, because they will have the opportunity and the chance to watch all EuroLeague teams coming to play in every gym, against all teams. This is very good for the fans, but also for the teams is also great because we have a lot of games, more games and the competition will be more tough. This is very exciting for all of us. We need to be all ready to overcome the difficulties and practice good."

Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens

James Gist

"Sounds good to me, sounds really good to me. No more hiding. Nobody can hide, nobody can say that team hasn't be tested yet. It is an opportunity for everybody to play everybody. It's a round robin. I think it is good for the competition, and also think it is good for the fan base. We got a lot of fans that actually get to see some of the favorite teams, some of the favorite players come to their hometown now. Before, you probably wouldn't see Madrid until the top 8, you probably wouldn't see CSKA until the top 8. And now you have a chance to play everybody. It gives an opportunity to expose some teams, it gives an opportunity to see who really is the best. You gotta beat the best to be the best."

Nick Calathes

"For us, I think it is a big deal, new format. I think it is more NBA style which I like. Our fans, they get to see every team, every best team in Europe play in our arena. I think it is good for everyone to see the competition, of how good it is. For us, our fans are the best. They'll be there for every big game and always cheer us on."

Zalgiris Kaunas

Brock Motum

"It is great. It is great for the fans, it is great for us, great for the other teams. It's an all-around great environment to play in. At home, we are always very tough. Hopefully, the fans can get behind us, and bring us home for few wins."