New court designs highlight enhanced game presentation this season

Oct 11, 2016 by Print
New court designs highlight enhanced game presentation this season

The 2016-17 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague will have a new look in many ways, including a dynamic new unified floor design on all 16 home courts. As the competition enters a new era with a new format, new identity and new standards for television production and game presentation, it was only natural to upgrade in this arena, too.

One of the cornerstones of the IMG/Euroleague Basketball Joint Venture is to establish a consistent look for fans on television, digital platforms and in-arena to enjoy EuroLeague games at their best. The literal stage on which these games are played could not be an exception. The unified floor design establishes a brand-new court look that makes the clubs central to the experience, together with league.

The court will present a cleaner and more elegant look with sharper and sophisticated parquet and different varnish tones inside the three point area. As the protagonists of the league, the clubs will strategically own the central spot, which strengthens the link between the clubs and league. Teams may choose to use a sponsor’s logo on the foul line circles. The painted area surrounding the playing surface may be in the home team’s chosen color.

As the clubs, players and coaches of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague put forth the highest quality on court, Euroleague Basketball and IMG will boost the way the game is presented to match that quality and produce a more attractive product for both devoted, long-standing EuroLeague fans and newcomers to the action!