EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge returns – better than ever!

Sep 29, 2017 by Print
EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge returns – better than ever!

EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge is back with a brand new look, new prizes, new private leagues and more fun than ever!

Euroleague Basketball has teamed up to make DraftKings the Official Fantasy Partner for the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague in order to offer fans the best possible EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge experience.

The collaboration of DraftKings gives fans more reasons to love EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge, the already popular companion to the continent's premier basketball competition, with more than 1 million teams having taken part since its inception in 2004.

Soon, most fans will have two online contests to love: the 14th edition of the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge, which will enjoy the collaboration of FanHub and DraftKings; and daily games run by DraftKings, which are coming soon to the UK, Germany, Canada, the United States to start.

Some innovative changes have been added this year to EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge, which can be played starting now as a beta release with improvements continuing in the coming weeks.

First, users will choose 12 players – eight starters and four bench players, who will only play if one of the starters does not because of injury. If your team is not filled with 12 players prior to the start of the season, it will be completed using the intelligent Smart Auto-Fill feature, ensuring that you will be ready to compete from the opening tip!

In addition, there will be two types of private leagues now. The classic private leagues that EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge users have learned to love over the last 13 years gives them a chance to compete in a smaller league with friends. Now, there is also a head-to-head league with a fixed schedule. In each competition round, participants may play a head-to-head showdown against a different participant, forming a season-long competition.

Also new this season, you can choose your own team captain – but make sure you choose wisely, because the captain will score double points! You will be asked to choose a vice-captain, as well, in case your captain does not play for any reason.

The game's dynamic will be the same: performance index rating will determine each player's score, with a 10% bonus if his team wins. Three trades will be allowed per week, while unlimited trading will be available in the playoffs and Final Four. That's right, the Final Four will be a part of EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge for the first time in the history of the contest!

The grand prize remains the same. The winner and a friend will be the Euroleague Basketball's VIP guest at the 2018 Final Four in Belgrade, including flights, four hotel nights and VIP tickets, as well as access to the trophy winners' on-court celebration. The grand prize will be given to the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge winner of the regular season, and then there will be a new winner for the playoffs and Final Four combined. More prizes means more fun!

Start playing EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge now, and if you prove to be better than the rest, you will be a VIP guest at the 2018 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four!