Court jesters bring fans Cool EuroLeague, presented by 7DAYS!

Dec 29, 2017 by Print

Back before the turn of the century, young Bob B "Slam" Dunkin' and Django "Double Dribble" Trtich tried to join all the major basketball clubs in Europe. Unfortunately, they could not make the cut, not even as team mascots.

But their love of basketball never left, and now they make their mark as all-star court jesters in the new show Cool EuroLeague, a one-of-a-kind project launched by Euroleague Basketball and presented by 7DAYS, the Nº 1 Croissant in the World.

Cool EuroLeague is dedicated to the off-beat and funny side of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague. With a late-night brand of humor and a steady stream of EuroLeague stars as their guests, Bob and Django are the oop to the alley of a lighter side of basketball.

Whether interviewing signature stars on their sporty studio set – such as Gigi Datome of Fenerbahce in Episode 1 – or ambushing players after practice, Bob and Django do not lack for strange ways to bring fans backstage and into the off-court lives of the biggest EuroLeague protagonists.

They take pride in ignoring the scores, standings, highlights and game analysis that fans can get elsewhere in order to show you the looks on the faces of puzzled players as they see Django's errrr... stylish throw-back game gear for the first time.

What's more, Cool EuroLeague is full of unique and quirky videos, like the Bob and Django's eccentric top five plays, not to mention swell contests in which fans can win official merchandise signed by their favorite stars.

Bob and Django are presently on the loose and tracking down the best fun they can find for EuroLeague fans as Cool EuroLeague gets in a groove of multiple episodes from here until the end of the season.

Cool EuroLeague is produced by Vimema, whose previous work includes the EuroLeague promotional campaigns Usual Suspects, EuroLeague Sixteen and Game ON.

Episode 1 is available now, but the fun won't stop anytime soon, not with Bob and Django fastbreaking up the court with one thing on their addled minds – slamming and jamming for Cool EuroLeague!