Euroleague Basketball statement

Oct 12, 2018 by Print
Euroleague Basketball statement

In light of the incident reported by KIROLBET Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz today, that its game-day practice at Zalgirio Arena was recorded by TV cameras, Euroleague Basketball wishes to clarify that:

  • immediately after the incident was reported, the entirety of the footage recorded on the Instant Replay System was immediately erased and both clubs were duly informed.
  • the incident was contrary to EuroLeague Bylaws, which guarantee that the game-day practice for both teams is private.
  • after a scheduled test, the Instant Replay System was incorrectly left recording prior to the start of the Baskonia practice.
  • the home club (in this case Zalgiris Kaunas) is neither responsible for nor involved in the TV Camera and Instant Replay System installation and test, nor does the home club operate any of the TV cameras, nor does the home club have access to any recorded footage.
  • Euroleague Basketball is proactively taking steps to ensure that similar incidents cannot be repeated in this or any other EuroLeague arena.