The Journey, Episode 4: Building up Bayern

Feb 15, 2019 by Print

The biggest surprise of the current Turkish Airlines EuroLeague season, playoffs hopeful FC Bayern Munich, opens the fourth episode of The Journey, a behind-the-scenes broadcast series tracking five teams in the competition from the opening tip until this season's champion is crowned.

Bayern's first EuroLeague season in three years is unfolding in storybook fashion, and one reason is the arrival of Derrick Williams, a dynamic addition who has proven to be a difference-maker for a team exceeding expectations as it tries to join the European elite.

Viewers of The Journey also hear from general manager Marko Pesic, who has been marching Bayern up the ladder of European basketball for most of a decade. Pesic explains the mindset of a club that is playing the long game even as it makes new believers with every game.

Also in Episode 4:

  • Winter in Moscow is the perfect time to hear about the attention to detail that makes CSKA head coach Dimitris Itoudis and his team such consistent winners.
  • Tag along on a charter flight with Real Madrid as the defending champs learn that no road game is easy in the EuroLeague.
  • Bench boss Zeljko Obradovic is the main reason why top-of-the-table Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul is as focused as any team this season.

Euroleague Basketball launched The Journey this season as part of its commitment to bringing fans as close as possible to their heroes. The Journey joins The Insider EuroLeague Documentary Series, now in its fourth season, to expand Euroleague Basketball's tradition of long-form story-telling that puts fans not only on the bench for games, but on the team bus, too.

The Journey allows Euroleague Basketball broadcast partners to give viewers world-wide an intimate look at five teams – CSKA, Fenerbahce, Bayern, Olympiacos and Madrid – whose adventures unfold over eight monthly installments in a 26-minute format until May.