FabFive tips, Round 10: Double-round dilemmas

Nov 19, 2020 by Euroleague.net Print
FabFive tips, Round 10: Double-round dilemmas

There are several ways to look at your EuroLeague FabFive choices before the second game in a double-round week. You can go for the hot hands, of course. You can consider travel burdens, or lack thereof, in the 48 hours between most of the games. You can look at who played least or most in the week's previous game, trying to read the tea leaves as to why and what that means for the next game.

As a rough and by-no-means scientific observation, though, since these double-round weeks started a few years ago, it seems that back-to-back blow-up scoring performances are not the norm. There are exceptions for the Shane Larkins, Alexey Shveds and Mike Jameses of the world, among others, but in general, you don't see a player with a ton of points in him on one night turn around and do it again two days later. All that said, the best approach might be a mix of considerations, and of course, hunches, which are all employed in the Round 10 list below.

Be sure to submit your Round 10 in time for Thursday's and Friday's games. If you miss the deadline, however, it is always possible to update FabFive teams if a player you have on your roster has not yet played in that round.

With all that in mind, here are our suggestions for Round 10:

Range 1 (0 to 3.99) – In this most difficult range in which to find scorers, the choice here for Round 10 is a fresh-legged teenager, Usman Garuba of Real Madrid. He played his fewest minutes yet this season in an early start on Wednesday and rests at home for the late game against Fenerbahce on Friday. His best scoring games this season were 8 points each against the tougher defenses of Barcelona and Bayern, which compare in style to Fenerbahce's.

Range 2 (4 to 7.99) – This falls in the hunch category, but Martin Hermannsson of Valencia scored in double digits in 16 out of 28 games with ALBA last season and is getting solid minutes with his new team. He had his best scoring game of the season with 13 points on Tuesday despite missing several shots. The guess here is that some of those same shots will go down on Friday against Maccabi.

Range 3 (8 to 11.99) – You might choose to avoid a big scorer from two nights earlier, especially when he played 32 minutes, but staying at home after pumping in 25 points, his EuroLeague career high, you just know that Alec Peters wants to keep it going and help Baskonia sweep the week against Panathinaikos on Thursday.

Range 4 (12 to 14.99) – He has a relatively short road trip following a tough loss, but Billy Baron of Zenit has gone 12-for-25 from deep in the last three games. His opponent on Friday, ALBA Berlin, gives up more than 90 points per game at home and has the EuroLeague's worst three-point percentage defense. If Baron is in the flow, he can repeat his 24 points from Tuesday.

Range 5 (15.0 or higher) –Not to ignore the fireworks that could fly between Shved and Larkin, both Khimki and Efes traveled between games, while Nikola Mirotic and FC Barcelona have yet to play this week and their opponent, Zvezda, is coming off a tough victory in Milan. Mirotic has been between 14 and 18 points in all games this season, but in the last one, scored 20 or more in 13 out of 28 games. He's due.

Remember to choose your EuroLeague FabFive Challenge team before the start of action on Thursday even though you can update until the last game of Round 10. Enjoy!