Euroleague Basketball offers new digital library free to fans!

Apr 23, 2021 by Print
Euroleague Basketball offers new digital library free to fans!

Euroleague Basketball fans may now enjoy exclusive authored content centered on the rich history of European club competitions thanks to the launch today of a new digital publications library on the competition's official website.

Euroleague Basketball is offering what had been limited-edition publications for free on a permanent basis with the goal of making important historical content available to all fans so that they may learn about the great stories about Europe's top club competitions and their protagonists from the distant past to the most recent, thrilling present.

The publications library launches by giving fans digital access to a pair of limited-edition books about the greatest players and coaches in European club basketball history.

"101 Greats of European Basketball," published in 2018 by Euroleague Basketball, honors more than six decades' worth of stars who helped lift the sport on the Old Continent to its present-day heights. Euroleague historian Vladimir Stankovic, who began covering many of those greats in 1969, uses their individual stories and profiles to show not only that European basketball's roots run long and deep, but that the sport here is nurtured by players from around the world creating a true team dynamic unlike anywhere else.

Complementing his compendium of great players, Mr. Stankovic's follow-up collection was released in 2019 to profile the greatest coaching minds the game has seen on the European continent. "31 Masterminds of European Basketball" pays tribute to the sideline stars who have led teams to countless titles. In telling their life stories and digging into the strategies all 31 bench bosses, Mr. Stankovic traces the path of greatness among European basketball coaches all the way back to the 1950s.

But that's not all. The publications library takes things right up to the present with the public release of the official Final Four programs that were produced for the top annual event in European club basketball between 2008 and 2019.

Each full-color edition of the program sets the scene for each of the teams before the Final Four takes place and serves as a keepsake for all fans, but especially those who cheered their teams to the pinnacle of the European club game.

More historic written content is planned for inclusion in the publications library in the future.

Fans need only to register and read in order to take advantage of the new digital publications library and enjoy an entertaining and educational walk down European basketball's memory lane!