The new Fantasy Challenge: Get your game on!

Sep 20, 2021 by Print
The new Fantasy Challenge: Get your game on!

Great news, Turkish Airlines EuroLeague lovers! EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge has returned with a brand new look, some bold new features, and the same excitement that it has always had!

The first big difference now is that the new EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge offers two game modes:

Classic is the same game that you've loved since Fantasy Challenge debuted back in the 2004-05 season, with non-exclusive rosters. Draft, the new mode, is based on private leagues with exclusive rosters defined by a player auction.

For the first time ever, Fantasy Challenge is also available in the 7DAYS EuroCup, too!

There will be 10 players per team – five starters and five bench players – plus, for the first time, a head coach. The starting five, the sixth man and the coach are counted with 100% of their points, while the players on the bench get 50%. As in previous seasons, the team captain's score is worth double. Three trades will be allowed in between rounds, but as an extra move, you can also change your head coach. Game managers are permitted to have up to three Fantasy Challenge teams each.

One important new rule is that each round is divided into turns, with one turn consisting of all games played on a single day. After a turn has finished – for instance, all Thursday games on the first night of two in a given round – you can modify your lineup, naming a different captain if your previous choice has not played yet. Or, you can promote a bench player in action on Friday to the starting lineup. And if one of your starters did not play well, you can move him to the bench before the same round resumes on Friday.

Initially, each Fantasy Challenge team has 100 credits to purchase 10 players by position – four forwards, four guards, and two centers – plus the head coach. Each player has a credit value that changes over the course of the season based on his actual performance.

Many of the basic rules stay the same. All teams in Classic mode participate in the general championship and the grand prize remains the same: The winner and a friend will be the Euroleague Basketball's VIP guests at the 2022 Final Four in Berlin, including flights, four hotel nights and VIP tickets, as well as access to the trophy winners' on-court celebration.

The grand prize will be given to the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge winner of the regular season. There will be a new winner for the playoffs and Final Four combined, too. More prizes mean more fun!

As always, there will be private leagues to challenge your friends, with both group and head-to-head options!

Find out more in the game rules, including the brand-new Draft mode.

Start playing EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge now, and if you prove to be better than the rest, you will be a VIP guest at the 2022 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four, getting the ultimate prize any Turkish Airlines EuroLeague fan could want!