EuroLeague, Biwenger offer a new fantasy option

Sep 21, 2021 by Print
EuroLeague, Biwenger offer a new fantasy option

Good news, Turkish Airlines EuroLeague fans! A new fantasy game is born!

Euroleague Basketball has reached an agreement with Biwenger, the number one fantasy company in Spain, to add a EuroLeague game to its offerings. Biwenger already has successful games running in the most important soccer leagues – La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League – as well as in basketball (NBA) and cycling (La Vuelta). EuroLeague now joins Biwenger's family to give fans the opportunity to compete against friends and win even more prizes.

Biwenger is a third-party fantasy game that serves as the perfect complement to the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge , which has been running since the 2004-05 season, and which is now available in both the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and, for the first time, in the 7DAYS EuroCup. Just like Fantasy Challenge, Biwenger is free of charge and is available in both web and app mode.

As in every fantasy game, managers will put together their team with real-life players whose point value depends on their performances in real games. Biwenger has three game modes available that allow you to compete against your friends or against other EuroLeague fans.

- Regular mode is made for small leagues with friends. The general rule in this mode is that a player cannot be on two different teams. If you buy a EuroLeague star, he is your player – and only yours – unless you sell him. You create teams by buying players in the private league market, which changes every day, by auction: the highest bidder gets that player. To start a league, managers can choose to have a randomly chosen initial roster, draft players, or start from scratch. You can configure the bonus money you get at the end of every round, which will give you the chance to improve your roster. Player prices fluctuate depending on how many managers buy or sell him. The more managers buying a certain player, the higher his price will rise!

- Classic mode is meant for leagues with a lot of managers. In this mode, the EuroLeague players can be featured on many different teams; there is no exclusivity. Each day, the market will feature new free players whom managers can buy by just bidding for them.

- Fantasy mode is played on a fixed budget, which you use to choose players. Depending on your league's configuration, you can make as many trades as you want between the end of a round and the start of the next one, as long as you don't go over your fixed budget. In this mode, you don't sign player and there is not a player market. You just choose whoever you want on weekly basis within the budget restrictions.

Not only you can play against friends, but against celebrities, too! Yes, that's right. Biwenger gives you the chance to join a celebrity league in which you can compete against well-known people in European basketball, as well as with many other managers – and of course, win prizes! The EuroLeague public league will be the first one released, and it's coming very soon with a lot of great prizes! Stay tuned!

Don't forget to save your team before the start of each round, making sure you don't have a negative amount of money. Points and bonus money will be delivered the day after a round is finished. In all game modes, you must have five starters, a sixth man and four backup players. The starters will get 100% of their points, the sixth man gets 75% and each of the four backup players get 50% of their points. It is important to fill all positions, because any empty slots will carry a 15-point penalty. Additionally, you can choose a captain whose score will count as double. You can configure leagues to include a team captain or not, too. The points system will be based on the EuroLeague's official stats.