Euroleague Basketball, One Tree Planted reforestation initiative target reached

Jun 04, 2021 by Print
Euroleague Basketball, One Tree Planted reforestation initiative target reached

On World Environment Day, Euroleague Basketball is pleased to announce it has reached its target of collecting funds to plant more than 6,000 trees with the One Tree Planted Amazon Rainforest initiative to help restore healthy forests for biodiversity and social impact.

By accomplishing the initial target with the support of fans and stakeholders, Euroleague Basketball and One Tree Planted will be able to:

  • Create hundreds of direct jobs on reforestation days.
  • Help the families of small farmers recover several hectares of degraded areas.
  • Contribute to forest connectivity, restoring endemic wildlife habitat for bird nests and the production of nectar for bees.
  • Combat climate change by storing large amounts of carbon.
  • Help reduce the spread of future wildfires in the Amazon via appropriate restoration planning.

Everyone willing to participate in this project to help the reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest can continue to donate at – it works as simply as €1 = 1 tree.

This was the first direct climate action in Euroleague Basketball's new sustainability plan for the next 10 years (2021-2030), which will see the competition and its clubs continue to work together as purpose-driven and socially responsible entities.

More projects will follow this first action as part of a bigger, integral plan aimed at making Euroleague Basketball an even more socially and environmentally committed organization aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda and the #GenerationRestoration movement. This will lead our clubs on a joint business sustainability approach by which the impacts will be able to be measured and challenges such as zero-waste operations and sustainable mobility around arenas will be tackled to help bring direct improvement to our communities.