Dolomiti Energia Trento
Community Cohesion / Aquila Basket for no profit

Community Cohesion / Aquila Basket for no profit

Ambassador: Toto Forray

Main Life Skills: Refugees Integration, Motivation, Self Confidence, Promotion of healthy lifestyle

About the program: Dolomiti Energia Basket Trento this season already works in partnership with a lot of local no-profit organizations inside a specific program called “Aquila Basket for no profit”.

- ATAS onlus, have been working from 1989 for welcoming, integration and social inclusion of migrants and since some years also for people needing shelter, home and help regardless their nationality.

- ANFFAS TRENTINO is an association founded in 1965 and works for protecting rights of people with disabilities, above all intellectual and/or relational, and their families.

- CENTRO TRENTINO DI SOLIDARIETA‘ (CTS) has been working since 1984 with people problems. The project is articulated in two phases: admission and therapeutic community.

The main goal is to give a more customized answer to the requests of social and health services. From 2000 on, CTS manages a house that welcomes AIDS patients. CTS has been a partner of Aquila Basket since 2013.

The social issue to be addressed by our project is “community cohesion” and the goals of this program are several:
- To make people with different disabilities or inabilities or social problems meet. They tend to live in worlds rather closed and separated.
- To let this people, get knowledge of their capabilities, actual or potential, trying to further develop them. The focus is not on what “I can’t do” but on what “I can or could do”. The goal is to reach awareness of the possibility of helping others.
- To promote the culture of self-help not only between homogenous groups but also between groups with different kinds of problems
- To improve motivation and self confidence in the participants
- To make them feel part of a professional program. In any situation you can give something along with taking something. In the right team your talent can be nurtured the right way and given more value.

The participants will be between 16 and 20 of both genders and between 18 and 40 years old. The sessions will be held in a gym in Trento, at the arena, in the club offices (according to the kind of activity) and will last 2 hours each.

The coaches will have a specific preparation in One Team methodology and about self-help groups methodology and “life Skills” according to World Health Organization.