FC Bayern Munich
Disabilities / Offene Behindertenarbeit München

Disabilities / Offene Behindertenarbeit München

Ambassador: Alex King

Main Life Skills: Inclusion in the community, Self-confidence.

About the program: FC Bayern Munich has a new partner this season, ‘Offene Behindertenarbeit München’ (OBA), an institution of Munich who has different cultural and educational offers for people with mental disabilities. The group the club will work with are already training in basketball and are even taking part at the Special Olympics.

Bayerns’ One Team group consists of 28 people with different forms of intellectual disability. The Social issue that the German Club wants to address is disability equality. With this program Bayern is trying to make a contribution to inclusion and give the people the possibility to feel part of the community and also enlarge the participants’ self-esteem.

The participants are aged between 18 and 67 years, but the mainly around 30 years old. Sessions take place once a week from January to June, lasting 90 minutes each.

The target of every session will be building social and life skills, fun, organized sport, fitness, self-confidence. With the participation at the Special Olympics there is also a defined sportive aim.

Participants will be invited to several games of the first and second team. They are taking part at Special Olympics in May 2018 and at the end of the programme there will be a closing event (‘Inklusive Basketballnacht’) for all the members, families, friends and other interested people.