Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem
Community Cohesion/Community Center Kiryat Menachem and Seligsberg

Community Cohesion/Community Center Kiryat Menachem and Seligsberg

Ambassadors: Bar Timor, Stratos Perperoglou

Main life skills: Teamwork, Responsibility and Self-esteem

About the program: Hapoel 'Bank Yahav' Jerusalem has developed two One Team programs that focus on working with under-privileged children.

The first program, 'Kiryt Menachem', was developed jointly with Bank Yahav, Hapoel Jerusalem's main sponsor, for teenagers from poor families within Kiryt Menachem. Special emphasis is placed on attracting teenagers of Ethiopians descent and working to maximize their commitment. The program's main goal is to establish a basketball framework for these disadvantaged teenagers and to teach key values such as personal responsibility and self-discipline.

The second One Team program is called “Seligsberg” and is also developed jointly with Bank Yahav. “Seligsberg” is a school in Jerusalem where about 500 students study. This program is for girl's youth only and its main goal is to promote women sport. We aim to develop young leadership and build a high self-esteem among the girls who take part in the team. This program is also special, because the request to open the team was an initiative on behalf of a few girls, who took upon themselves to recruit the other girls, and to build a team with us.